Anyone want to sell 5K+ HMD only at backer price?

Let me know, I would like to test one with my current setup. Willing to pay KS price just for HMD. IE $549

I wish you can find somebody, but I don’t have big hopes… When I asked around a month ago, only had some pretty ridiculous offers so…

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Since PImax only delivered like 20 HMD’s and they’ve stopped sending them out, it’s extremely hard to entice any of those 20 guys to sell theirs. Your best bet is to wait till they’ve sent out like 2000, resale prices will come down quickly, but god knows when that’s going to happen. At this speed it will be somewhere in 2019. But at backer price, you can forget, why would anyone want to sell it below the retail price? Until you can buy the HMD’s online you’ll be looking at a premium even above retail price.

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@Sjef Im not interested in taking one of the 20 that have already been delivered. Im hoping that if someone is tired of waiting, or loses hesrt, that they would be interested in a refund of KS price.

Their pre order pricing is a bit nuts considering what you are not getting, and the added cost of PC upgrades.

Yes me too interested if anyone is tired waiting or loses hesrt, that they would be interested in a refund of KS price.

LOL yeah if anyone is tired of waiting, sell me at KS price please and I’ll put it up on Ebay for double price :wink: Come on guys, of course nobody is selling at KS price that would be plain stupid. The KS people took a gamble which turned out to be right (the 5k+ seems a nice product), so of course you can’t buy in at that KS price anymore. Even selling at retail price would be stupid because the place in line is worth money too.


Price gouging is what is stupid.