Anyone test the 'RTX SUPER' cards on Pimax 8K/5K?

I know it’s technically the same cards as the normal RTX just slightly faster but I can’t find any good info.

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IMHO, not faster but with model numbers moved down the scale (e.g. 2070 SUPER is an old 2080) so it should perform same as 2080. I think Nexus or Jay were talking about it.


Yes, but keep in mind that a 2080 Super is no where near as fast as a 2080 Ti. It’s more like a slightly factory-overclocked 2080.


Not exactly the same cards, both the 2070 Super and 2080 Super are a complete step up.
The 2070 Super uses the TU104 chip , previously used in the 2080 , but with one SM unit disabled , while a revised and stepped up 2070 chip became the 2060 Super.
Both cards show a nice performance improvement over the first iteration RTX cards, they are what the original RTX should have been in the first place… but the best improvement is seen on the 2070 Super, coming very close to original 2080 numbers in performance, but still not as fast as it.
A quick lab test has showed that both cards gained an increase in both RT performance and bandwidth performance, making these cards feeling less constrained in respect to the original series.

This only confirms what is already well known of Nvidia’s marketing strategies, one should never aim to buy their first iteration series of new gen chips but always wait for the second one :smirk: