Anyone still undecided 5K+ or 8K?

Im backer 2800’s and Im still on the fence. :roll_eyes: Anybody else in the same boat? Now that we have seen lots of comparisons from backers and Sweviver, VooDoo and MRTV, 2080 Ti, pitool settings combined with Steam VR settings, man there’s a lot of different pros and cons to weigh in on. What is steering you guys towards one or the other? Sorry to beat a dead horse!!


5k+ for sure. (20 characters)


You initially wanted 8K, what was the deciding factor for you, text?? Thanks!

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I am back number 1913 and I am still undecided.
I hate SDE and from what I read the color difference between 5K+ and 8k is really noticable.
I am extremely sceptical that they can just fix that afterwards. These displays need to be calibrated. Just adjusting red green and blue values might lead to the two panels with differing colors.

The problem is that SDE can be described very badly and those macroshots of the lens don’t help much either.
I am willing to accept the loss in sharpness over better SDE - If it is better. But after ready every little bit I could find all I got was a lot of very conflicting info. For every yes there is a no. It is mind numbing.


I was so annoyed by the choice to be made that I just bought someone elses pledge and will get both headsets and sell what I like least later on.

Mind you, I don’t have money for two headsets so the sell needs to happen soon after I get the headsets


Yeah, mostly ill do for sure vr desktop work, codding.


I cant handle SDE either, always pulls me outta immersion, thats right you cant just adjust colors with a sliding scale, it mostly never looks natural.

“If its better” EXACTLY. Only my eyes will be able to tell me if its better (for my viewing), although it seemed more like the SDE in 8K better, which is good because Im probably going with the 8K. And yes those through the lens macro shots of the screens made the 8K look horrendous and I cant imagine it looks that bad in real time viewing. Heliosurge has both and he like the 8K better as well and some of his VR buddies.

And yes there’s so much conflicting information, Ill probably just end up like Pimel and buy another KS pledge, and then make the choice at that time, this way I can put a stop to the madness! LOL

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Different person, same situation.

For me, I backed the Pimax in the first place 100% because of the testers reactions.
It is not as if I had a lot of trust in the company or their web-page or anything.
I though that if they have an actual prototype and random people are saying it is great, then probably they can produce it and it will be at least decent.

So naturally, when all reviewers start saying 5k+ is better, I am going to believe them.
I made my initial choice based on reactions so it only makes sense to continue doing so.

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On the same boat! I know 5k will look better now and requires a less powerful GPU, but I think that in the long term 8k may be better. If we get eye-tracking and foveated rendering, then 8k will be better than 5k+.

Also I hope scaling algorythm can be updated to align with 8k rainbow pixels that would bring more clarity.


Sounds reasonable. Im just too damn picky. More money than brains I guess :roll_eyes:

This is my hopes as well. But you know what they say “Wish in one hand and s*it an the other” !! :wink:

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Eventually, we will have 3rd generation HMDs that will beat even 8kX

IMO it is not wise to bet too much on the long term.

Also, I still hope Pimax will allow upgrading (like a trade in) to 8kX after foviated rendering is possible.


I originally backed the 5K, but upgraded my pledge to an 8K shortly before the Kickstarter ended, because I wanted the reduced SDE. I now plan to get a 5K+. I’m actually tempted by the 5K BE as well.

I think that if you’re “on the fence”, you should probably get the 5K+, since it seems to be the “all around” winner. 90Hz refresh, full RGB stripe per pixel, low SDE, and crisp text. The headsets are mostly similar (wide FOV, low SDE, etc.), so you’ll probably like whichever model you decide on.


I was also on the fence until I got to try both headsets in the LA meetup and the 5k+ was the clear winner. Sure the 8k has slightly better SDE but its so minimal compared to how much sharper and more clarity of the 5k+ that it was a no brainer. If you are set on having the headset with the lowest possible SDE and if that is your ultimate factor then get the 8k, besides if you never try the 5k+ then you will simply never know how much better the clarity is on it and the 8k will still be a whole lot better than any other headset in the consumer market right now besides the StarVR which is currently only being sold to developers for over $3k


It’d be easier choice if they fixed the colors on 5k+


This really. The color difference between 5K+ and 8K is pretty off putting when looking at the comparison pictures.


I agree. The colors are clearly a bit better on the 8K and the black level is better too (than the 5K+). There’s no magic bullet; to improve the colors will most likely reduce the overall brightness. There’s not much that can be done for the black level though, except to lower the brightness some more.

Still, the 5K+ is 90Hz, crisp, and the all around favorite.

My primary use will be to play Elite Dangerous, so you can understand why black level is important to me and why the 5K BE OLED screens (or even the 8K panels) have some appeal.

What makes this really hard is that each of the display types has its own pros and cons, with no clear winner. With all of that in mind, I’m planning to get a 5K+.


Would be good to have the same picture with CV1 included

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  • In about one year and a half, your choice will still be challenged by new headsets with greater FOV than 110.

  • Maybe Pimax will show case the headsets in your neighborhood before reaching your backer number. CES 2019 is just in one month and half if your in the US…

  • If you’re a DIY kind of guy, you can blur things but “unblurring” is much harder, but no free game here it will be hard to mod this headset and keep it functional


I will take the 5K+ unless improvements are made to the 8K. We have a hard reality to face here : Pimax is just months away of using another upscaler included in the ANX7538/39 bridge chip if it’s better than the actual one the current 8K design will be trash or phase out.

in bonus 90Hz will be achievable maybe more, even a 4K native mode in 24/48hz. It’s speculation but I don’t hope for great improvements on the actual 8K design. Make no sense to put much efforts on something your going to upgrade just in a few months.

unless SDE is threatening you mental stability my advise is to take 5K+ which will have a better resale value (Because of better reviews on the internet). One thing we do not discuss often here (other then the “dreamable” 8K-X) is that Pimax will probably refresh their products lineup in 2019 if they succeed finishing this KS campaign