Anyone Selling Their 8K?

Hi folks, if anyone is interested in selling theirs, please shoot me a message.


Do you mean selling their pledge? As no one actually has an 8k yet.


Hi…yes pledge. Sorry about that!

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Hello im interesting in buying pimax 8k pledge/backer
Contact me on PM. Located in Norway :slight_smile:

are u crazy or smth???

I’ll sell mine to you for $2000.

I’ll sell mine to you for $2k.

It’s not that people don’t want to sell…but how do you trust the process? I’ll sell mine for $2,500.00

I think scalping should be prohibited here… maybe sell on ebay after you get it if you want to make a profit. Heck for the right price anyone would sell it… the more that sell you will see a few “shady” characters taking advantage I am sure. I could see someone selling to 10 ppl for half down of 2500 :slight_smile: that would be terrible


Agreed. A small profit might be reasonable, but scalping certainly should be discouraged.

If the 8K is good, I won’t be selling, at any price people would be willing to pay. I’ve now waited many months for my first VR headset (just like the rest of you, except for the “lucky 10” beta testers). This is the first headset which MIGHT be able to meet my (admittedly high) requirements. I’m not willing to wait even longer for the retail release.


I don’t think “scalping” is the right word. If someone was crazy enough to dump a truckload of money and buy all the Kickstarter pledges then it might be scalping, but 1. That didn’t happen. 2. The project owners would love it! 2. It’s not a successful business model for scalpers.

If someone happened to pledge and now wants to sell their pledge for more than they bought it for, it’s not any of our problems. The buyer inherits not only the risk of the original Kickstarter project, but also the risk associated with a grey market transaction.

Sorry but there is no way im paying that much :open_mouth:

I diagree completely… allowing $1000 overpricing … it just opens a door to make this forum a trading post for profit instead of a support forum for backers, Sell it elsewhere if you can… that is my opinion.

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He/she has the rights to sell his pledge, i would probably sell it in a heart beat if someone offered me a shit load of money.People had many chances to back the kickstarter, Many people even think its a scam(thats why they didnt back it).What he/she wants to do with his pledge/pimax8k is up to him/her(they took the chance to back a kickstart, a huge risk for many).

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