Anyone seen a BE version SDE Comparison?

Can’t seem to find anything online comparing the BE version to the 5K+ in terms of a side by side SDE comparison. Anyone seen one?

I can’t recall anyone doing proper high res picture comparison but I think mrtv said it was worse.

Yup, but how much worse! I would be coming from the original VIVE and the SDE on that, although bad, in itself doesn’t bother me too much. The resolution does though! So would love to see a side by side comparison to either the 5K plus, VIVE or VIVE plus.

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Voodoo did a video, if it’s a good comparison you be the judge.


See what was posted above and look up mrtv said he goes into the detail you looking for.


Youtube check @VoodooDE’s review.

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Thanks everyone - yup that Voodoo vid was jus what I was looking for.