Anyone run 2 steam vr headsets from 1 computer?

Thinking ahead to having a vive and pimax 8k, but 1 computer, could it be possible for local co-op in a game? …as long as there was an application that supported it and a gpu that could output it, i guess it should be possible right?

I remember when i had my dk2 seeing 2 dudes throwing a torch to each other in vr and thinking how great that must be. So i’ve been wondering if i can get 2 players in 1 playspace on 1 computer.

found it…tested:

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Idea is awesome, I don’t know if it’s possible. Depends on drivers maybe

Linus Tech tips did. He had to run virtual machines and use two gpu’s. It was a very convoluted process.

Thats what my gut feeling is. Like most things with pc gaming, its possible as long as you have time and the will to tinker.

That defeats the purpose actually. That’s still 2 machines really

I think you’ll find that the 8K will bring any current system to its knees. If you aren’t going to use a second GPU, you’ll probably need to wait for NVidia’s 3080Ti, available in 2030. :smiley:

Perhaps something less demanding…tilt brush maybe could be fun with 2 humans (in vr and meat space).

I don’t think it would be possible to run both headsets of one computer at the same time its difficult enough just to run one, although just to share, I had both my Vive and Rift connected to one computer almost two years ago and could switch between the two easily. Of course I had two graphics cards and each HMD was connected to its own. Believe me it was not that difficult to set up, if I could do it well you know the saying. I never tried coop but like you I’m interested in that as well. But now I have two computers with two Vive HMD’s that I mostly use now each connected to its own, making it easy to switch between a fully modded SkyrimVR on one and a fully modded Fallout 4VR on the other.

You might be able to connect the Pimax 8K to the computer and run it in PiPlay mode (PiMax navtive SDK) first.
Next you connect the Vive to the same computer and start SteamVR. You will only will be able to run experiences with relatively low hardware requirements.

I did a similar experiment running two instances of RecRoom on a Rift and Vive connected to the same computer which was a system with an overclocked i7 with 6 physical cores running at 4.15 GHz, a 980 Ti and 32 GB RAM.
It worked reasonably well. The challenge was to find software that could run as two instances on the same computer and to align the play space for the Rift with that of the Vive.

In your scenario both Pimax 8K and the Vive would share the same base stations so this might be easier but you still would need to calibrate the playspace twice once for PiPlay and once for SteamVR.

Be aware that I don’t have expericence with the PiPlay software and if it is able to run in parallel to SteamVR.
But others in the Pimax forum should be able to clarify this.