Anyone remember System Shock?

Just seen there’s a remaster in free alpha:

Coming soon to Steam (demo available now):


System Shock 2 was IMHO even better than orginal SH but I’m glad that they are finshing this remaster…

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Yes true, I guess let them finish this one first and go from there :smile:

I tried it and thought it was very enjoyable. Huge level, no bugs worth mentioning (a couple of insignificant gfx ones was all), runs great.

No savegame is the only thing, put some time aside before starting if you want to complete it.

Would be well suited to VR as well :+1:

VR? tell me it’s vr …

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There’s no mention that I can see unfortunately. Perhaps some begging to the devs…

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Unfortunately, VorpX doesn’t support the OG System Shock (only System Shock 2).

maybe try it with this new demo


Indeed this is built with Unreal Engine. I haven’t tried VorpX again since the SC problems but I’ll have another look


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