Anyone know if AliExpress reputable?

My brother in law looking to purchase Pico4 Pro from them. Just wondering if anyone has any problems with them. Thanks for replying

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I doubt he is going to have any problem with AliExpress themselves, but keep in mind that every trader on there is their own little independent company, sometimes pretty much run out of a garage, much like partner sellers on Amazon, and their reliability is each their own.

Personally I have always got what was advertised, but don’t be surprised if you see useless tat that looked better on the picture, or had other features, or are scavenged out of the second grade bin at the QA department at the factory…

He can also expect an endless barrage of email advertising for the future.

…and it may be worth keeping in mind that that magical “free international shipping” so often offered, even for something that costs just a dollar, comes out of exploiting international postal service agreements intended to make it affordable for citizens in poor countries to send letters (…with China posing as a developing country, in the context), and the inherent costs come out of making postal services more expensive where you live… :7


Thanks! Thats pretty much my thoughts on it. Im not going to advise him either way . Its his decision. If his Pico 4 Pro shows up as swimming goggles i dont want to be the one who told him AliExpress is fine. Lol

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I bought things from AliExpress from time to time. They do have some unique gadgets that are not available anywhere else. Like 8 out of 10 times the merchandise arrived without any problem.

However, be careful with the shipping. It’ll usually take months. Though the website always impose a limit on shipping time, sometimes I will receive stuff quite late, and sometimes the shipment didn’t arrive. Then I will go and argue with the seller and ask them for refund. They usually disagree, luckily the website (Ali) will intervene and give me the refund if not settled.

So it’s better suited for buying cheap things that you really need, but not expensive gadgets which might go missing during the shipping.


I’ve ordered a few things from there with no issues.


Hit or miss. I would just be extra careful, and it can take quite a while (compared to other online shopping services) for things to reach you.

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i would also be very cautious too.

i bought a N64 cartridge, had issues.
had to file a dispute, and they forced closed my dispute on me.

the support is REALLY REALLY bad btw.
they say they will do something to help, and WONT.
spent over a month trying to fix it(and all they like to do is copy and paste replies).

filed a complaint to my payment i used about it, and once i got the seller to finally reply to me.
i canceled the complaint(he was going to ship a replacement), but aliexpress decided to keep our money and freeze it from either of us getting it, and it was like that for 3 weeks.

contacted my payment i used, and told them everything.
and they forced a chargeback…

i cant really trust them(Aliexpress), and i had since deleted my account and avoided them.
btw, this was 2 months ago.


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Thanks for all the info. Much appreciated!

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