Anyone interested in taking up my 8K?

Hi there peeps…

Life moves on and priorities change… The VR game I used to play daily (ED) is no longer being developed in a direction I’m happy with and I no longer play much any more.
I have very little interest in other games at the moment and with Star Citizen and Squadron 42 looking very iffy, and Dual Universe not supporting VR I’ll probably not be finding much use for it.

Moreover, a few weeks ago, I just realised that my graphics card sports only 3 Display Ports, which I’m using for 3 x 4k monitors. My Oculus Rift is actually plugged into an HDMI port so I can use it simultaneously… But I’d have to unplug a monitor to use the Pimax which would be a chore to say the least.

Anyone interested can PM me.

Hi, I sent you a message

Just out of curiosity, what direction does it take?

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Actually that’s not really known today. We’ve seen grinding game play aspects and mild team play features added. I doubt the new features will be redone in a major way, but some adjustments may happen.

All that is for certain is that OSX will become unsupported with the next upgrades some time in Q4 this year because of lacking compute shaders…

Could be more options added to ships and stations, but also more space traffic in busy systems, we need to wait and see…

Frontier Development keeps adding multiplayer features, but is neglecting basic gameplay, which is still a repetitive grind. The game lacks depth.

ED is the reason I’m a Pimax 8K backer; I’m hoping that the addition of VR will make the game feel new again.


For all of those who actually still like to play it (yet do not have 10 fully engineerd vessels and 1 bln. credits on their bank account), since today there is a bonus weekend underway, which grants more profits on trade routes and makes engineering less costly (all materials required for the blueprints are of one grade less rareness, e.g. instead of Chemical Manipulators it will cost Chemical Distillers, to name one example).

Ouch, so close to release day too. If nobody here takes it… after you get it and everyone knows how cool they are … you will have no problem finding it a new home I think

Is your pledge still available? I was a pledger but I cancelled, thinking of taking that offer. How does one pm guys? Thanks!

Click the icon to the left of someone’s name on a post. Click the Message button on the popup window.

Well damn, I don’t think I can PM you because I just barely created an account to inquire about your headset.

What package did you order at what cost? Are you planning to sell it at cost?

I’m also selling my pledge, 8K FULL, backer number 1161.

Anyone interested contact me via PM.

Hi there… My backer number is quite late - in the 6,700s… and I paid $779 for early bird including international postage.
I am located in Tokyo, Japan, if that means anything.

As Neal says, Frontier keep focussing on PvP, combat and multiplayer content and adding features that people didn’t ask for. Unfortunately those features are underdeveloped to the point of being placeholders with the promise of fleshing them out later. However, many features were released 2 to 3 years ago as barebones and have not even been looked at once, since…

In a poll some years ago, exploring was far and away the no, 1 popular activity but ALMOST NOTHING has been done to make exploration any more interesting than it was in 2014…


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Well, the Q4 update is supposed to bring more graphical updates for planets (remember the icy planet surface - looked quite cool) and they said they would also introduce a number of space anomalies.

But I would also love a bit of more single player content. Having said that, I just really love the game’s feel, the ship configuration complexity, so I am happy to give them years and years of time to further develop, deepen the experience. As long as I am convinced that they are moving ahead. This year is a bit of a slow one, I have to agree, but I think they acknowledged that by not asking for any additional fees for the Beyond expansion. I am curious though what the next, hopefully proper season will bring - I want it to cost money because then they hopefully will have more content to come with it.

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First of all great products you guys make!
I am very intrested in a pledge…
preferably 5k

Im looking forward to a reaction

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Few people here been willing to sell pledge for different reasons.
If we hear anything we’ll let you know :sunglasses:

Just informing that I sold my pledge faster than light. The first person who contacted me I already made the sale. I just did not tell you anything before, because I was waiting for the whole transaction to be finalized (Via Paypal and the money goes into my bank account). I contacted Pimax support and basically it is only necessary to pass the access data to the KS page and change the survey with the data of the buyer (he does it himself). I saw that finally they started sending the units to beta tersters, good!

Good luck and a excelent product to everyone.