Anyone inbetween Backer no. 300-400 got theirs yet?

I sent them my address 2 and a half weeks ago. Not expecting much but I’m just wondering how far off it is.

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If you backed an 8K, maybe next week (last batch had 5K+ backers with lower numbers than mine [248], 8K backers with higher numbers). If 5K+, maybe two weeks?


Just check the backer sheet


Next batch will get sent out once the new housings are fitted, product tested and then shipped.

Realistically, around two weeks from now is a fair estimation for either receiving the headsets in this next batch or hopefully confirmation headsets have been shipped.

I’m in the 330’s and havent gotten a tracking number yet. I switched to the 5k+ and it looks like those headsets are still in the 239 range so we still have another week or so of production at thier current pace and that is if no further setbacks occur. Best we can do is keep the tracker document updated with current data so we can continue to get accurate pacing.

Lower than even 239. We are several below that that are missing tracking number for 5k+ :frowning:

I’m 317 and 8k. Pretty close to the highest number of the last shipment.

Status is the rickshaw has arrived at Shanghai airport and it’s been hanging around since Thursday China time.

Hi, I’m backer n°3221 and I’m not in the sheet… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Wtf? Does anybody know what does that mean??

It means You haven’t added Yourself to the sheet… That’s all… :wink:


Ha ok, I thought it was something official :sweat_smile:
Well it seems that we are a lot waiting our order…


Am worryed now, soon end off november and then they should be at 2500 to 3000sent out to manage to deleiver to all Before newyear. I have not resived question yet so how long down the list have they sent what headset you want? and more importent how many is sent out now?

I get that you’re worried, but no amount of worrying will get you your HMD faster. They are working as fast as they can, highering more people, etc. In Iraq and Afghanistan, I just operated from a mindset that I was definitely going to die and focused on getting as much done as possible until that happened. It was liberating. I think the Pimax equivalent is just accepting that you might not get your HMD until March. </$0.02>


Yeah not getting the Pimax for Christmas doesn’t move the Doomsday clock any closer to midnight.

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