Anyone have answers for me?

The FOV is awful, like looking through binoculars and nowhere near my Vive and certainly not 110". I have no idea what this product is actually compatible with because I have tried Vorpx, Oculus and my Steam library all with poor nearly nonexistent results. The image is very dull in the headset as well, not even close to what I would call vibrant. If the FOV can be fixed then I will keep but if not this headset must be returned.

You should contact them on skype for faster response

Hi Storm, I just tried both Oculus CV1 and Pimax 4K, paid special attention to FOV observation. I don’t feel the FOV of Pimax 4K is smaller than CV1.

Yes, both 4K and CV1 give some feeling of looking through a binoculars if you focus on the dark surrounding area of the image. If you focus on the content displayed, you will feel much better, the FOV doesn’t bother you so much.

Additionally, because your face profile is different from mine, the distance from your eyes to the lenes is bigger than mine, which makes the FOV smaller. Please push the sponge to your face harder, or remove the sponge and have a try, will you feel much better? please help try and tell us, thanks.

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I tried everything - the FOV is no good even with sponge removed entirely and the colors as I said are very dullled out almost monochrome. I’ve done extensive usage of the vive and oculus and I have never encountered these troubles. I will be having to return this headset (though gearbest?) so that you can study what is wrong with it. Inability to move Lens is a huge mistake in design I feel, I cannot adjust the ipd to have a setting where I felt comfortable as everything is narrow no matter what I tried…

The FOV of pimax is bigger then both rift and vive… But what you might be trying to say is that the world scale is wrong and evering thing feels abit smaller then it should be? Yes I also feel that the world scale is wrong. And yes the IPD is also wrong but give them abit of time and these problems will get sorted out…

There’s also the issue of no proximity detection so you can never get closer to anything like you could Vive or oculus. Can’t peer closer to a screen and honestly the resolution doesn’t feel much crisper than Vive after overclocking. I’m sure their next headset will be far improved.

Yes there is no positional tracking but you should of known that when you brought it…(they are working on hardware for this) Honestly it is sharper than the vive because the pixel per inch is quite abit higher. But what you need to do is up the super sampling or oculus pixel per display to get it looking less blurry but this is not a fault with the pimax.

The FOV is extremely small, are you certain? I see black on both sides of my peripherals in the HMD instead of extended FOV. Is this a fault of the IPD being incorrect or…? I have tried almost every value provided from 50-70 and it does not really change this. That in itself is a dealbreaker, but the incompatibility with just about anything is what really kills it for me.