Anyone had experience with the durability of the 5k supers cable?

I’ve currently got a 5k+, thinking of upgrading to the 5k super since my controller tracking isn’t 100% and my head set has screen tearing at maximum bandwidth. the cable tends to last me 350hrs or so. (3 cables broken so far)

basically I’m concerned that the newer fibre optic cable could break even quicker than the older copper one. I’m also concerned that the stock face cushion might make the headset look bad since the 5k+ feels like trash unless it has a thinner one on it. (9-10mm) I’ve heard people say their is a thinner cushion but where does someone even get it from? is it possible to just use a generic vr cushion with Velcro?

My first cable lasted until just after the warranty time (isn’t that the way of the universe?). My 2nd is thicker and without the bend the first one had in it’s design. It has been fine despite being trained from birth on how to find a way under my next foot step :grinning:
There had been quite a few people with Pimax cable issues,

As for the “tearing” have you checked to see if v-sync is turned on? The manifested cable symptoms are usually visual snow or death, not tearing?

People here have made or altered their face foams (plenty of types on Amazon) for most Pimax headsets. It depends on your face how much you would need to alter it, but be assured many have found the need to alter the fit. Myself included.
I found, I really didn’t achieve my ideal fit until i got the KDMAS, and then only with the thin foam, the addition of foam at the temples and the addition of my Studioform cross strap. Your mileage WILL vary.


na, the tearing is a separate headset issue. you might have misread my post, I’ve already got a 5k+ I’m looking for opinions on the 5ksuper by the looks of things you have the 5k+.

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Ah. Your title threw me off. As far a i know the cables are the same for either 5K.

the 5ksuper uses fiber optic cable. hence why i’m interested in its durability.

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I now am updated thx

I see no mention of the OC in the tech specs of the Super and it show as an additional item at $119 at the end of the page. Are you sure it’s included.

I did notice the first review on the store laments a broken cable. Ironic :grinning:

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That’s news to me too?

It does use the same cable (USB powered) as the other Vision models (Artisan and 8K+ (late/new models) + 8KX) and is compatible with both the 4.5m standard cable and the fiber optical cable:


This cable is just available for the Pimax headset which is USB powered supply:8KX,5K Super, part of 8K PLUS/Artisan.

Fiber Optical:

This cable is just available for the Pimax headset which is USB powered supply: 8KX,5K Super, part of 8K PLUS/Artisan.

If the cable has two USB connectors and is 4.5m long it’s the standard cable and if it has one USB connector and it’s 6m long it’s the fiber optical cable (unless there’s a new unannounced cable I don’t know about of course).


my bad since on the 5ksupers item page there’s no mention of cable type or length, I presumed it came with the fibre optic cable as stock since that’s on the recommended item list on towards the bottom of the item page. Seems like my first question is a bit redundant now since I could just keep buying 4.5m cables when the original one breaks.

the only question remains about the clarity being off if the cushion is too thick (5ksuper) and if a thinner one can be found. as my current cushion (5k+) is very thin at 9mm or so, such that my eye lashes actually touch the lenses and anything further away feels worse.

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