Anyone from the backers here who want to sell his Pimax 8K X? (HMD already received)

Hello lovely backers (and of course everybody else :wink: ),

i am very interested to get a 8K X but for Preorder i am little bit late.
So maybe one of you backer wants to sell his X to me.
Importnant for me is that the owner should already received his HMD.
I do not want to wait until August or September.
Also the displays should be ok without any sparkles, snow pixels, dead pixels or something similar.

Thanks for your replys!

Best regards



I’ll bookmark this post just in case :slight_smile:


Thanks for bookmarking!

Pimax could offer a payback program where backers could step back from their pledge and get $1300/$1400 (deluxe). Exactly the amount that Pimax gets from the person who then buys the 8kX instead from their shop.
No unnecessary customs taxes nor search for a purchaser for the backer, no unecessary shipping costs for Pimax, less risk for the new purchaser (compared to buying from private persons). Win-win-win. Some might be interested.

P.S.: Of course it would be fairest if that device then goes to the next upgrader/preorder person in line. Which would shorten the queue and thus still lead to faster delivery even for new preorders.

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If you order from Pimax it would be December.

But likewise, when mine arrives i might let you know

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@geoffvader Yeah something like that i already estimated.
Of course let me know. My Money is ready :wink:

@NoamLoop Thats a awseome idea! I hope for you that the official Pimax guys will read your post.

what country are you in by the way?

@geoffvader Germany and you?

UK, so that should be fairly easy to ship, good to know

@geoffvader Ok thanks for your reply. Yeah thats also good to know :wink:
Do you know maybe when you will get your X ?

haha, this is Pimax time, but they said “by end of July” for all 8KX backers, but then they also said they’d have shipped 200 by 6th July and actually they just updated that to 200 by 17th July, so as with anything involving Pimax its anyones guess at this point

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@geoffvader Yeah of course i know about this problem.
As far as i know the third batch should be shipped on 21st of July.
This batch should contains some Xs for upgraders.

So all backers should get the X in July but like you mentioned, nobody knows for sure.
But as summary: as soon you get the X and want to sell it to me, get in contact with me.
I am going to respond to you as fast as possible!

Maybe you already have a price in mind for the X ?

@geoffvader You are selling your 8kX?

i’m very seriously considering it yes as the 5k+ never worked for me and people are reporting the same issues with their 8kx’s

Well, I hope you will at least give your 8kX a fair chance. It’s a great piece of hardware for me, and it would be sad if it didn’t work out for you after the long wait.

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what is a “fair chance” though, as pimax have proved repeatedly that between hardware and software it can stop working at any moment and you are left with an overpriced paperweight

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@geoffvader Did you get the last days a Fedex Shipping notification?
A few people mentioned, that they got a Fedex notification in the UK.
So it seems that a wave of 8kXs are coming to the UK.
The probabillity should be high that one of this units is yours!

If you gonna sell your X, how much i would have to pay?
(If it is ok right now for you to talk about that)

Not yet, i even signed up for fedex but it hasnt pinged up yet. My 5k+ was 4 months later than other backers so i’m not holding my breath.

@geoffvader 4 Months? Upphh. I can barely imagine how exhaustive the wait for the 5k Plus had to be for you. So i hope for you that this time everything works as it should be.
I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.

There is someone in Germany selling their 8KX on ebay.

No idea if it’s a backer, upgrader or a preorder though.