Anyone else ordered the 8KX but wants the 8K and send it back before the 8KX arrives since the 8K is coming out in June(Maybe)?

I pretty much expected delays so I am not shocked.

The 8KX does seem like it’s going to be coming out in 2019 or something though.

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I’m betting as soon as they lock down the 8K design they will master the X pretty quick. The optics is their biggest challenge at the moment

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If the problems of the Bridge chip were due to temperature and Pimax studies changing the “hardware structure” of the 8K, using the two bridge chips of the 8K X can be more problematic.

I’m expecting a similar gap between 8K and X as was originally planned, so yeah I’d still like the 8K loaner while waiting ~6months for the X

While that would be a sweet deal, I would not expect an entirely free unit as compensation for kickstarter reward delay no matter how long. (even as a loaner, they loose that “new” unit).

What are they supposed to do just eat all the new units revenues ? and still give you another one too. I think it would be more likely to get your order changed to the 8k Instead of the 8kx if you do not want to wait, or speak to them about a refund option. I just cannot see them sending out fresh clean 8k units as loaners. Would be sweet for you 8kX guys/gals but… I would be surprised, very surprised if they allowed that.

Pimax has already offered an 8K loaner unit for X backers. It was in the survey "do you want to recieve a loan 8K unit before shipping the X

They also offered that 8K X backeres can keep their loan 8K unit if they dont want the X can recieve a credit for the difference to be used on the Pimax store

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I remember that, that was a long time ago. Many details have fallen to the wayside… and promises are not contracts. I would still be very surprised if this ever happened. It sounds good to say it to a customer, when you do not think you will need to really do it. now that the deadlines are pushed so far back. I doubt you will hear it again … just my instinct/opinion as it makes no sense financially to do that.