Anyone else notice Voodoo hasn't done a Pimax Video in 4 months?

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I was looking through his videos and noticed this. most of his gameplay he’s wearing anything but a pimax.

The three musketeers of PImax seem to be down to 1 (sweviver). and he works for the company.

Seems like these guys are distancing themselves from being seen as Pimax only VR channels.


They seem to be distancing themselves beeing seen associated with Pimax at all as both expressed their dissapointment.
There were a couple of small inbetween jabs towards Pimax in his videos, especially concerning the chaotic organisation.
Later he obviously thinks that even those were not worth any attention.
Back in KS they were fond of the idea of pushing a wide fov headset but may have regrets of hyping a great idea to their audience that turned out to be a product of a disastrous company for western standards.
So they lay low and rightfully they do.


I do feel pimax are missing out on the publicity generated by utube and to me it’s a shame Sweviver didn’t do any great content showing the 8KX in say Half Life Alyx when it was released. The G2 completely stole the show. I feel Sebastian and Thomas will not support pimax going forward. I understand they have their reasons. Maybe pimax should reach out to alternatives like matteo311 and Tyriel Wood? Both have been very positive towards Pimax.


Imo all of the three musketeers benefited from the relationship with Pimax, certainly in terms of subscriptions and in one case getting a job. For youtube channels its not great though to be too niche focused.

This is purely speculative(like the most popular subjects here :smile:) and off topic but some companies exist to create great products and others because of a cool narrative and the goal to receive lots of funding or get bought out in the end.

VR is a priority for the Chinese government, dunno if that also means direct funding or just making it more of an attractive field to work in.

Ying Ying Lu discusses the popularity of virtual reality in China - YouTube

I watched a Linus video reviewing a Chinese made mainboard and processor yesterday, which is also important to the governemnt. While the performance wasn’t that noteworthy it costed more than 600 USD :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


Not the best idea, since also Tyriel has his doubts. Of course every tec related reporter/youtuber will introduce a new technology such as wider FOV as something welcome and great when it comes out.
Fact is…it took quite some it until got out, so coverage was unexpectedly across a much longer timespan naturally.
He recently stated that he does hardly uses his Pimax anymore

because of literally every other shortcoming besides FOV. He also made clear that for him, clarity, resolution and comfort have become most important.
He also prefers (and MRTV, Voodoode) to present a product how it works out of the Box to his audience.
We know Mrtv and Tyriel also love to show tweaks as a gimmick. Voodoode in my eyes seems to have become even more strict to the “out of the box” rule.
Thing is, look how much other companies have thrown new awesome gear on the market in the time since wide FOV was just a thought. I think a company sells with actual new “News”.
Trying to milk that “wide FOV” is old news and is not bringing any new desires. And yes, every reporter benefits from news as long as they are hot. That does not bond them or comes with strings attached.
Additionally, while Pimax is for sure interesting to some, they mean trouble and maaany unexpected “surprises”, and people feel that way.

Considering myself still being moderate towards Pimax given the stuff that happened, I have to admit that If I would have been paid for the time alone, that I spent on utterly useless conversations, tickets, messages, shaking head of badly announced delays…that would be a brand new HMD.
I don’t mind spending time on tweaking, that’s rather fun, but only if it makes great differences.


Reviewers / youtubers have to present a balanced view of a product to potential buyers, you can’t mention pimax without mentioning their organisation and support, in fact you’d end up having to do a 30 minute disclaimer before every video to cover the history and where support is at today, and then if you say anything negative about the product or pimax (even when you directly quote pimax) you get threatened with legal action or enforcement of an NDA which has expired.

Its got to the point where Pimax needs reviewers more than the reviewers need free pimax headsets to review, to the point they had to pay one of them to keep him on board, the others have nothing really to gain by doing Pimax content when the vast majority of real people are not interested and want to know about the new WMR or Oculus headset.

MRTV’s pimax 8KX videos got him 65k views, his G2 videos have totted up over 300k so far.


Yeah I was going to say, since this whole kickstarter began, the only channels that have positively reviewed the pimax are voodoo , mrtv and sweviver

If those three stop covering pimax, literally nobody will.

That being said, until the vision 8kx and the controllers are available I dont really consider Pimax as having a complete commercial product yet and it would be to their disadvantage if you were to give them mainstream coverage now.

It’s a bit unfair to Pimax, because it really is a superior product, but all the negativity doesn’t seem to be based on the product itself its actually towards issues that stem from it’s pre-consumer state.

Its funny because the G2 has generated more hype in 2 months and will release a consumer grade product within 6 months of announcment. But pimax has had 3 years and with the 8kVision line it’s the first time they are even close to commercial-grade.

They have had 3 years to just sit and bask in the negativity of not being able to produce a consumer-grade product.

Before anyone says anything EVERY pimax product that doesn’t have a rugged coating in my opinion is NOT consumer grade. my 5k+ feels like a very expensive prototype product (that’s cracking )


Yes you’re right. That is what I was alluding to. It’s not really good if these youtuber’s are seen as Pimax fanboys. Prior to Pimax these guys were general VR channels and have become type-cast as Pimax know-it-alls

At the end of the day this has done them a bit of a disservice. Even though I have seen Voodoo guest on Freality. He was kind of labeled as crazy Pimax guy.

Until MRTV can shake this conception it may be a long time before we see him guest start on Freality.

If he did I wonder if he would mention Pimax at all, because those guys all seem to hate Pimax. Even though Nathie seems on the fence.


Well said, Its a shame because Wide FOV even though you can say it’s kind old old news. Its not really though because literally NOBODY else is doing it in the consumer space.

And as much as I think playing FS2020 or SW Squadrons this fall on a G2 would be amazing. I also know that having the G2 clarity and Pimax FOV will be match made in heaven.

I think the thing that bothers me the most is that, I can’t disagree… and sometimes i feel like I should just give in and get a G2 and call it quits, but I know that I could never settle.


Thomas said in one of his videos, that he always use Pimax, it is his daily driver because he loves wide FOV.
But for recording Gameplays, he prefers the Index because of the microphone.


Fair comment, I would really like Pimax to be getting some decent screen time from someone who is enthusiastic about the product.


Im pretty sure they do not “hate” Pimax, imho that’s too much of a black and white way of putting it.
All were pretty hyped back in KS days for a product like that but despite lots of efforts they put in actually helping Pimax, the product did not turn out to be what everybody hoped for. Take the fact that they tried the early prototypes with much better lenses, that were changed to a more cost efficient oe but way different in terms of quality. They have a thing for changing “what’s in the box” after receiving payment.

Also everybody needs to keep in mind that for at least “western standards” lots of shady stuff was going on. Stuff that no company could have done eg in Europe without being completely despised.
Maybe people with a more open world aproach for other cultures and foremost the nerves to deal with that may see that different. But as their audience is a western audience you simply can not recommend a product with all those strings attached. That’s pretty risky.
We know that KS is risky, but if I would have bought a Pimax from their store based on a review of any of those guys…I’d have gone nuts for real.

So, I really would not interpret that as hate. More as a logical precaution since only a little has changed over the years with their experience with Pimax.
Also, they want VR to succeed (whatever that means) but Im sure that the most important factor for VR to succeed is less hustle. Just plug it in and play, if something gets broke it will be fixed, if you write a message it will be understood and taken care of.


Voodoo have not got the 8k+ or 8kx yet, he want the release version.


He does have an 8K plus.


It is not the big ones who eat the little ones, but the fast ones the slow ones. Why should smart people like Thomas or Sebastian hold onto such a lame duck?


I have personally never tried an 8KX but I have watched the enthusiastic hands on reports from others. Including Sebastian. Why do you use this term?


Pimax ist not a company which is pushing VR. In my opinion this goal is missed.


without pimax we wouldn’t probably have a high fov headset before 2025 :joy:


I’m not talking about the 8kx. I speak of every product that is devised with attention to detail, and created and developed with love for the profession, something like that can be sold for a lot of money and conquers markets. Yes, pimax have successfully built a modular wide fov headset, but is the entire product really a success? or does it just show how not to do it?


obvious enough that others won’t try. :joy:

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