Anyone else interested in selling after the recent info?

Well, I believe we’re in for some further delays, so I’m looking to sell my pledge. Some people are more patient than I.

I’m a mid term pledger #6743 not an early backer, please be aware.

Full package Early Bird 8K $779 including $30 shipping fee.

Payment via Paypal for international, or if you live in Japan, some other method.
I’m also willing to list it on Yahoo Auctions and go through them.

I have a top rating on Yahoo Auctions (Japanese equiv. of EBAY)
where I’m known as Nanchatte_Technojunkie

Here is my profile page.

I have purchased and sold about $15,000 worth of second-hand camera and computer gear over the last five years.
73 positive reviews 3 negative reviews.
Negative reviews were:
2 from purchases I cancelled after I had actually made a successful bid and chickened out.
1 from someone who lied in the description of a lens he sold. He as since been delisted due to excessive negative reviews.

Anyway, PM me if you are interested.

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I already made a topic like this. Please can you change your title to something more appropriate? Selling my pledge - Pimax 8K Full Package - Backer #6743

I do think if more people start selling then this might be a wake up call for Pimax.

Edit: I am keeping my pledge. The above is in relation to the OPs thread title.

I’m not interested in selling mine, not at all, especially not after the recent info! I simply wait for the Berlin meeting live streams :grinning:


Not untill ive seen the goods and if i want to sell after nobody will want one

They need to sort the distortion profile out imo and for these profiles to work i imagine that the lens have to be exactly set up FOV and height etc , I will keep my pledge too

No, I will keep my pledge. I expected that the 8K to have a few issues, but this will be my first VR headset, so I won’t have any preconceived opinions. I’m just hoping that the issues will be minor and some will be able to be fixed in software (like the distortions) eventually.



This thread comes across as a sales advertisement masked as something else to get more people to look at the advertised selling of the HMD by creating discussion around it. Why not just be straight, you want to sell the HMD. I can see there is a bit of competition in this regard but hey man!


If headset is acceptable or better later, the benefit is all rewards from kickstarter.
But if it is not good, we can sell it later.

I choose the rewards than buy consumer version later, lol.
Infact I am interesting to buy a new pledge, but still not now.

You noticed that I stated “Anyone else” want to sell? Which states rather clearly that I want to sell.
It’s not really an advert. It’s certainly not intended to improve the chance of actually selling it.

I’ve just seen a spike in the number of offers on sale recently, so asking if anyone else is interested. Maybe some people are thinking about selling but haven’t said it out loud.

If someone makes an offer, I will consider it seriously, nevertheless. If no offers come, I couldn’t really care less.

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I believe @RobCram is pointing out that you made your topic title:
a) misleading (since it is about selling your pledge)
b) more or less the same as his topic, he started just fraction of second before yours
I kind of agree with him. @Heliosurge, what do you think?

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To add, your original thread title was.

“Actually Selling my pledge this time… (price negotiation OK, too)”

But you changed it.


After what recent info? What did I miss?

Jibba Jabba talk from a short demo event in Tokyo today

Gonna steal that one Jibba Jabba

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I can see the title having a hook. But considering his post is for what he paid or potentially less. Don’t see it as a real competition to sell as most have either wanted to break even or make a profit.

Though I think in reality we have not had any real info that should be used as a reason to sell with the demo being this weekend.

Atm the only hi fov headset that seeminly has found a workaround of the Optics is StarVR One & their solXtal *X**ution was something Pimax said they were considering looking into prior to that reveal.

Ben from RoadToVR said The Xtal a $5000+ headset is experiencing similar hurdles with optics & this is there 3rd headset.

So consider:

Xtal - $5000+ not there yet
StarVR - likely middle price seems most complete (Ben’s words)
Pimax - Likely release price cheaper than StarVR. Not there yet. But on track with idea StarVR has now demoed. Parallel thinking.


The thing is even if they won’t have more market share as with the 4K and sell at the KS price tag all the stretch goals have quite some value you can make profit of in case you don’t like it and sell it after trying first…

Thank you. Heliosurge.

Yes, I showed my desire to sell, but please notice I asked
anyone else CONSIDERING selling their pledge.
This is quite different to actually making an offer to sell your pledge.
I am actually curious if there are a flood of people considering selling or if the people actually selling
selling their pledges constitute the majority of people considering.


Hey look, free dancing girls offered here.

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So because he is looking for less (i,e selling for cheaper than others) that is not direct competition in your eyes?

And if you look at the number of page views/replies this thread has compared to the other sales threads it stands out. Sure, I’ve contributed to it having more replies but the OP has used a common marketing tactic to make something more visible amongst the competition. Also why did he change the thread title?

There is nothing wrong in the current thread title as a point of discussion, there is nothing wrong in the OP selling his pledge. But I do think he is being clever about it imo to gain an edge considering his is a high backer number compared to the others.

6743 not an early backer, please be aware. Full package Early Bird 8K $779 including $30 shipping fee.

I’m selling my pledge (backer n°4476) for the Pimax 8k Full package and stretch goals : 809 USD (including 20 USD for delivery).

I am backer #1004 with a 8k pledge. i paid $539 US. I use paypal. I realized that i am quite happy with my Vive pro for now. Im not sure about the steps needed to complete this transaction. Anyone interested?

Out of these three sellers, which one is the hardest to sell?

Anyway, I’ve said enough. OP doesn’t care and now neither do I.

True it could be looked at like your “Insurmountable Issues topic” and be misconstrued. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:

As folks often only focus on highlights.

I would like to purchase your pledge i can do paypal