Anyone else in the US get an email from Fedex to fill out a form to get their 8KX?

I just got contacted by Fedex to fill out some paper work, including my SSN to get my headset released by Customs. Is this a new thing ? I’ve never had to do this when getting something from China.

Something similar is happening to me. I was tracking my 8KX package shipped from Shanghai on September Sept 16 using FedEx. When the package entered the US it suddenly stopped moving, and the tracking information now says “Clearance delay – Import”.

This morning the following also appears with the tracking information:

My previous PIMAX packages (5K+ and 5KXR) that were shipped in early 2019 arrived promptly without any duty or tax due. I remember hearing that in September 2019 there was to be a new 15% duty imposed on many items imported from China due to the ongoing China-US trade disputes. I didn’t think much about at the time, but possibly this import clearance delay is related to that.

I have not yet been contacted by FedEx to do anything, so I am not sure what I can or should do to get the package moving again.

I am very interested to hear how your situation gets resolved.

I don’t know what rates will apply in the US, but you should expect to pay taxes and import duties for anything that comes from abroad. They’ve (customs) probably been lazy in the past, so a lot of things slipped through. With politics that has changed.

I was contacted by Fedex for the same thing this morning. They want me to fill out a form CBP 5106

@Dr.Cube and @SSKPA what was the resolution for you? Did they ask you to pay anything after filling out the form? Did you eventually receive your headsets? Thanks!

Wait, nevermind, I found the other thread with more info