Anybody remember the Frankenstien mod to make mechanical IPD smaller on the pimax headsets

There was a user here that modded his Pimax 5K+ or 8K to allow the mechanical IPD adjuster to turn further than normal, this allowed the mechanical IPD to go lower than the standard 60 ish. I think he got it down to 57. It looked like one hell of a modification. I was hoping somebody here remembered who it was or they remembered anything special about the post that it could be searched. I cant find anything. Remember all the eye strain issues with the 5K+ and 8K with users that had lower IPD. Well I dont want to cut up my Pimax 8KX just yet but in case it comes to that it would be nice to see that thread.

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Thanks for the reply. I think I might tackle it. It looks like one hell of a modification but I cant keep using my Pimax 8KX the way it is now. Its either that or sell it. I spoke with Pimax support on my issue and they told me I was s h ! t outta luck in so many words.