Anybody going to buy Proze VR Enlightment? It looks awesome

Proze Enlightenment was released today and on sale only $17.99. It looks similar to The Solus Project. Ill be getting it and if anybodys interested Ill post some reviews here.


Looks nice. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Have you found gamepad support broken in Solus Project?

I havnt played it in a while so I just opened the game and didnt have any issues with my wireless Xbox controller. Im on TheSolusProject[411finalbuild] and using the latest Beta Pitool, hmmm?

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If you need me to check anything with the Xbox game pad just let me know :beers:

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Have to recheck but last week tried solus project with wired afterglow XB1 controller & didn’t seem to work. Could select Xb or wands but wouldn’f let me navigate menu. Think I might have gotten into game but think it waa giving issues with movement.

I tried most of the functions,main menu, movement, was able to select things from menu, teleport…

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Have to give it another try everything uptodate with only beta soft being pimax.

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Cool good luck~!..

I played the Proze Enlightenment and finished it. I would recommend it! Its kinda like a Nicolas Tesla inspired Red Matter game. The ending wasnt bad either, leaves you in limbo though and ready for the next installment. But wont be available till 2020 which sucks. Anyhow the puzzles werent bad, some were easier than others but all in all a cool game!