Any tips on cleaning the MAS?

As the title suggests, looking for tips/success stories on cleaning the MAS. In particular, the foam on the strap. Also willing to buy replacements if anyone knows of any that are PU leather or such. I picked up a cheap secondhand SMAS that I was intending on modifying a bit and messing around with, but right now it’s rather grim and could do with a good cleaning. Don’t want to chance anything just yet and ruin the foam, I’m guessing a software soapy handwash will do the job but figured I’d post here first as in no rush.


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Alright, I know I said I’m in no rush but also was trying to procrastinate so ending up just chucking each part of the foam into the washing machine (just put each part into a sock to stop it getting damaged), and it came out perfect.



No damage to the foam or any misformation etc. Of course I’d probably not recommend it and do at your own risk, but it worked well for me (daily wash @30deg in with my normal washing).


I do wash my stuff from hand its no big deal, desinfections spray seem to result in damaging the face foams structure.
the back pad doe not seem to has this problems.

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