Any solution or idea for the 5K+ "Dirty Screen issue"?

Ive seen this talked about a little in the forum, but not much. My 5K+ arrived Thursday and one of the first things that my wife said after trying it was “The screens look dirty, or foggy”. She has used the Vive in the past and she said the Vive never had that issue (But she did point out that the FOV and picture details were far better with PiMax) - Of course.

Today I played for about 2 hours and it is faily annoying - I almost thought I had some sort of film on the lenses but there wasnt any, even out of the box.

I think this one is common but need to ask - when its dark in the Headset its really grey(ish)… that is less of a concern but the “dirty screen” effect is really annoying when its there… and its there often…


Weird… tomorrow I will receive my 5K+. I hope it doesn’t have dots, but then it have “dirty screen”.

I tried 5K+ old… and I’m very exquisite with the image quality. I would decide what prefer, of if what you call “dirty screen” is simply the grayish blacks.


If the lenses are fogging up. An application once or twice a month should suffice. Juat don’t use it as regular method to clean (ie daily) as it could danage the lenses.

Lol maybe they forgot a protective film on the displays…


I get this in Elite Dangerous in cockpit view in space. It’s like the whole view is gray and you just want to wipe it. I was thinking it’s because of LCD screen but who knows. I have mostly used only DK2 and it does not have it so gray but it’s OLED

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@neal_white_iii i think said there is also clouds in elite so space is not always as black as vive shows

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It is not that. The view itself is gray. I will test it more tomorrow to be sure


Maybe the new non-dotted panels are not calibrated properly.
@SyFy have you tried brightness low in Pitool?

It kind of sounds the contrast is low on these.

@Sean.Huang have you a comment on this?

Also @SyFy have you followed this thread?


Are you able to get a pic of this affect ?

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OP, to me this sounds like one of the major differences between OLED and LCD panels: Blacks are black on an OLED and dark gray on an LCD. (The 8K should actually be better than the 5K+ in this regard.)

As @Heliosurge mentioned, in most areas of the ED galaxy, space is filled with dark gas clouds (unless you are in the outer fringes of the galaxy). If you are in a system, far from any suns and oriented so that your cockpit is in shadow, you should see some near-black levels inside the cockpit (these areas are darker than the space around you).

Try reducing the backlight brightness in PiTools. That should make the gray darker (and the whole screen as well).


My first headset no dirty layer, but very annoy by black dots.
My second replacement, no black dots, but have some black blur layer (the black dot is blurry by some film).

I think it is about film layer, but there is something like this on odyssey+ too.

For me, black blur layer is better than black dot except the panel has some dirty because I see someone talking about smudge on the panel while I not found that issue.

Yes dots have been more distracting than dirty screen effect. Its not about the grey (instead of black) lcds are grey… its just an unevenness on the display that you can see on everthing plain-colored. But for me its a minor issue.

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Interestingly, but on 8K there is the same effect of a dirty screen or film? :roll_eyes:
It seems so far none of the owners of 8K have mentioned this.

Is it maybe an uneven back light distribution aka back light bleeding? That is a very common LCD issue.

that just sounds like its the consequence of having an LCD based display.

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I think it’s not possible to take a good photo of this effect.
I’ve tried to replicate it in photoshop.
This is pretty much the same dirty film/effect I see on the Od+. It’s only visible on this kind of menus or backgrounds, while in games or movies it’s very hard to notice it. The anti sde.
Is this the same effect reported on the new LCD panels of 5K+?

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I also saw this on Odussey+, but only in the setup environment. In the White house it is very clear. So it may be software related.

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They aren fogging up as per say, the “dirty” look almost looks like a fog on the lenses, or what they may look like if there was a protective coating on them for shipment - Its something I have never seen before on my Vive or Oculus kits. Its not all the time, but like I said, my wife noticed it right away in the first tet she did.

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I was sort of hoping that may be the case :slight_smile: I need to experient more to pin point how to reproduce it, but I have to travel to Sunnyvale this week for work so that will delay some testing, unless I can get to it before Tuesday night.

@Neal - I thought about that as well, it does make sense that the grey “issue” is just the panel itself and that does make sense. The “dirty” effect still a bit odd but I need to pay attention to when it happens so it might make more sene.

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