Any plans to add eye tracking to a later release?

Any plan to add eye tracking to later releases?

With eye tracked foveated vision on the horizon meaning a massive drop in GPU load the Pimax will become a possible choice for a much greater amount of people as right now it requires the real top of the range GFX cards to get the most out of it.

So is there a plan to add eye tracking any time (soon?) as personally I’d much rather wait until thats in the 5k as even though I’m buying a new gfx card for the pimax, having eye tracking + foveated vision will mean a big increase in performance, no matter what your/my hardware is.

Thoughts? :slight_smile:

Rumor is 3rd quarter for accessories.

oh? so it can be added to current gen 5k/8k?

Yeah it just clips into the headset. And all backers are slated to get it.


If you ask Pimax, anything and everything will either happen within the next one or two quarters… has always been this way.

I bet if you’d ask them today when they will surpass Vive & Rift in sales: Q3.
When will they release the 16K foveated varifocal fully haptic holodeck - Q3.
When will Hell freeze over… already happening in SH warehouse, but 90% chance that it happens over at the backers’ places in Q3…

They must be stock exchange-listed. Their horizon is just 3 months at best. Thinking 6 months ahead to them is like discussing the afterlife is to us…


The eye tracking module is already in finale state, but they are waiting for some content (foveated rendering, games, software) to release. They showed it at the CES in Las Vegas and it works perfect.

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Will the eye tracking module + the hands/body recognition module be possible at the same time?
Assuming yes :slight_smile:

Does anybody know how the eye tracking is actually working? I mean on the physical side. Which sensors are used and how?

Also: Can we still wear our glasses with the eye tracking module?

Can’t comment on how they work but last I heard glasses won’t work with them.