Any nvidia 3d vision users?

Latest nvidia driver no longer supports 3d vision. Nvidia’s recommendation to those who want to continue to use it is to stay on an older driver. That’s all very well until you want to enjoy the latest Pimax driver. A bit of a conundrum. Curious to know If anyone has found a workaround.


Quite the dilemma. Keeping a copy of the old driver installer and reinstalling as needed, would work, but would also be a pain in the butt.

A possible option might be to use VorpX to play those 3D Vision games in VR. I’ve never actually done this, but I’ve heard that others have had success. Here’s a link to the VorpX website, with a list of supported games: Supported Games - vorpX - VR 3D-Driver for Oculus Quest, Rift, Valve Index and other PCVR headsets

Alternating drivers is the only option I am aware of too.

Thanks for the Vorpx suggestion but the beauty of 3d gaming for me is the experience of playing on the same screen with my kids, something VR can’t easily replace yet.

Hopefully won’t be too long before the ingenious community comes up with a solution.

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Wow, 3D vision going? Wow!!! This is how it all started for me. Going to keep a very cherished old driver.


I only use it for 3D Blu Ray movies… I suppose I can always get myself a 3D Blu Ray player. But I don’t have a telly. Oh well. I suppose this is the sacrifice you have to make in the name of progress…


Time to bin my anaglyph glasses. Lol.

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I’m vorpx user.
Vorpx is not easy as you think.
You still need to tweak alot…
Vorpx is mostly supported on vive or oculus.
And partly supported on pimax, so more tweaking.

It has limted amount of supported games that works on full vr.

Vorpx cost around $45 depending on witch country you are.

I got it for €30 Weeks ago…
He has been bumping the price upwards.

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use reshade with Super Depth 3D…Far Cry 5 and Ghost Recon Wildlands look fantastic with Pimax

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Also used 3D vision a lot, so this is sad. For me that means I will stop using it, for movies I have 3D projector and for games I already prefer Pimax, but (good) game availability is much smaller in VR and not all genres that worked well in 3D work well also in VR.

Does this mean Nvidia doesn’t support 3d monitors? Or just the old 3d vision Nvidia Glasses?

If it’s just the glasses & 3d monitors/TV still good not as bad. But hesr ya if you paid for those Nvidia glasses.

Well there is Bino it can play a variety of 3d formats & convert 2d to 3d.

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Thank god for Amd…

I recommend to look for tridef solution altough that option is no longer officially and legally available. But, you know what I mean…

Also check forums and sites, especially helix mods as they are trying to have a solution for 3d lovers.

It is a shame Nvidia did this…


Yes, it is. I still have the 3D hardware on (the back of) my desk. I haven’t used it in over a year though. I keep having to set it up again, after every update release of Elite Dangerous and it just became too much hassle.

VR is much better, so this is a bit sad, but I’ve moved on.

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The last driver which supports 3D Vision is 425.31. It has RTX support so it should be good enough for Pimax & 3D Vision at the moment.