Any news on the "Pimax Pithons (Controllers)"?

I’m not sure how indicative this picture is of current design but I’m excited to hear any news about controller progress. Any cool features you can talk about? Anything please, we’re begging :sweat_smile: @PimaxVR @deletedpimaxrep1 @Pimax-Support

I never heard anything official on the name so I’m just going to go with Pithons because it sounds bad ass :grin:


They really really should take a scissor and shorten those straps xD


Ya I was thinking the same.

I dont think these are real tho they look like photoshopped renders

They are damn good looking controllers.

I like how the color is different from the headset lol

It’s adult beverage time in China, maybe @deletedpimaxrep1 can slip us a little info on the controllers?

@Matthew.Xu do you have any updates on the controllers?
Are the housings finalized?
Are internal components finalized?
Is there a schedule that can be shared with us?
Do you need any input from backers regarding design or features?
Will they be sent to @SweViver @mixedrealityTV @VoodooDE for testing?

Any info will be greatly appreciated. :grin:

Let me try to answer your question:

  1. Do you have any updates on the controllers?
    The controller is still under developing and testing. As long as I have new progress, I will arrange the updates of the controller in the forum. Recently my main job is in headset production and forum.

  2. Are the housings finalized?
    Yes, the housings issue has been solved. We will be able to receive new materials next week.

  3. Are internal components finalized?
    What product internal components do you mean?If you mean the headset, it has been confirmed. If it is controller, some components that have not yet been determined.

  4. Is there a schedule that can be shared with us?
    What do you mean by the ‘schedule’?Product or production?

  5. Do you need any input from backers regarding design or features?
    If you have good suggestions, please submit it to the service desk. We will reply and confirm it.

  6. Will they be sent to @SweViver @mixedrealityTV @VoodooDE for testing?
    I need to confirm this matter. Thank you


He was asking about the controllers. He meant the controller housings, not the headset housings.

  1. The housings I was asking about were meant for the controllers. The controller “shell” if you will.

  2. What I mean is do you have a plan or schedule for how long each pose of development will take. For example, that you will have all controller internal components finished by _____. Testing will take ___ days/weeks. Components will take ___ days/weeks to manufacture etc.

For a controller manufacturing schedule do you know how many will be made per day? Will this start out as a low number and gradually ramp up (like the headsets)? Is this being done by Pimax in house or at a seperate facility?

Thank you!

There will be something more simple like this for media applications? I think Pithons will not be very comfortable for watching videos while lying on a couch. Or any other compatible controller?

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Sorry for late reply.
I will update accessories production schedule in the further, such as headset. Thank you

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