Any news on the All-In-One module?

The all in one module was mentioned a while back. Any news regarding it?

If it happens at all (I wouldn’t be surprised if it didnt for this gen of pimax headsts at least) it will be late next year some time at best.
I would be surprised (though happy) if things like basestations, controllers and deluxe headstrap AREN’T still shipping to backers at the start of next year. Not to mention eye tracking and hand tracking which i feel would at best be similar, if not going several months into 2020.
Then you’ve got the other smaller things, 10m cables, cooling fans etc that will probably be first half of next year.
So after all that they might be able to focus on this all in one module. Though maybe they’ll then be concentrating on inside out tracking module, wireless module etc. So this AIO one could easily be 2021, or just never happen

What is an all in one module?

An integrated headset; no computer is required, but the performance is greatly reduced, due to low CPU and GPU abilities, power limitations, etc.

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AiO won’t be for awhile with current priorities. Best guess next spring/summer.

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