Any Experienced Pro wanna make Pimax tutorials?

I’m def not the most retarded, but around here, I feel like a complete spaz.

Like, anyone who wants a Pimax automatically has to then dedicate 3 hours everyday for the next 12 months deciphering gibberish and is forced to become a semi software dev.

So, is there someone out there who can do some quick sharp vids for common problems.

SweViver used to do some stuff but he’s obv flat out with PE, someone should do something.

For example, it took me over 12 hours to figure out how to get HL to run in 90hz and I have a machine that can easily handle it, how is someone with less PC knowledge and a lesser machine meant to deal with this shiz.

Also, wtf is this, can someone decipher this in a video for me?

I want the basestations to power down automatically when Pitool is closed, when I spent $3000 I didn’t want to become a scientist and figure shiz out.

Please someone who actually has a brain, make some vids.

5 min to switch to vr.
honestly I have several pimax in my entourage (family, friends). and it was enough to install it plugged in and play. and even now I plug in I play.
the only parameter really necessary to know is the parallel projection. the others make sense.(and some are almost useless. except for advanced use)

it’s unfortunate that you had flash issues. however most of the time everything works fine. do you have official valve tutorials for their problem? if you are motivated make the videos. PI, max will be delighted if it is well done.

it is a beta version and the time needed was mainly related to your flash worries?

pimax has always recommended a 2080ti or higher for an 8kx no secret

there is no official solution for this.

that said I understand that you can be angry.
you had some trouble with the firmware flash but it is solved? a contact with the support would have ended up resolving it.

but going to look for solutions to your needs (which does not officially exist) without the knowledge it necessarily brings work. for lighthouse-v2-manager you should start by learning some basic python. the procedure seems well indicated to understand it requires knowledge (which I do not have).
alternative solutions you can switch off and on your base with a commanded socket (there is nothing bad about it).

long live google trad(i’m french ^^)


If I might recommend checking out videos from @NextGenVR and folks like @Ludiks.

Some of these folks we have added some of there stuff to #Guidebank there is a guide on HL:Alyx with some tweaks there.

Lighthouses you will need a script or can use a phone app or some simply use wifi controlled plugins.


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