Any direct 8k+ vs 8kX reviews yet?

Has anyone done a direct comparison/review between the 8k+ and 8kX? From what I can tell, the two are EXACTLY the same (screen, housing, etc…), except that the 8kX can bypass the upscaler, and send a native 4k signal (although only at 75hz).

Is this correct or did I miss something?

In any case, it would be great to see some side by side through the lens comparisons, just to confirm that, if you enable the upscaler/90hz mode, the 8kX is identical to the 8k+. It would also be great to see an example of a native 4k signal looking BETTER on the 8kX.

Has anyone done such head to head review yet? In particular, I’m curious if the 8kX is noticeably better for movies/desktop use.


My understanding is that both units are quite similar. It’s not just being able to bypass the upscaler though. To handle the higher bandwidth requirements of dual native 4K signals, the cable and the internal components will need to be of higher quality and tighter tolerances and will therefore the 8KX be more expensive to manufacture.


If you’re using it for a Desktop replacement it’ll be absolutely noticable. Especially text. I think Sweviver might have posted some photos somewhere on the forums that you could maybe try comparing.


Yeah, I agree. For desktop use, I think an 8KX would be a much better choice.

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A part for the coolness factor and the minority report style experience I don’t think extended used of a VR headset for desktop work is a so healthy idea… doing 100% reading task will surely stress your eyes muscles…


It’s not a healthy idea but having the option to do it is cool as hell.

All other headsets on the market right now seem really bad for desktop work.


There are some in this thread:


Outside of VR Days I guess no one has had the chance to test both side by side in much detail yet, and unlikely to be done systematically until they are sent out to reviewers. Next few weeks to a month for final versions, if things go to schedule. Meanwhile Sweviver posted his own comparison:



Its hard to make a fair through the lens image, you simple have to test it or belive use that have tested it, the 8k+ is good but the image was sharper in the 8k-x, the image should be exactly the same in the 8k-x if you change it to it to 8k+ mod.

Then i guess it also depend on if you are sensetive to lower hz.


That’s a good point to consider too. I have been pretty disappointed when running my 5k+ at anything lower than 90hz… But I would still like to have the option for the extra clarity when working in the desktop with the 8kX.

I guess as long as I will always have an 8k+ option (by simply flipping a switch in pitool?), then the flexibility of the 8kX is probably worth it…

I just hope this isn’t another scenario where the ‘cheaper’ model is superior in some way (the way the 5k+ was superior to the original 8k).


That was exactly my reasoning and I went for the 8kX model. I also have troubles with less than 90Hz on 5k+ so I hope the upscale mode works as advertised. But for something like desktop or movies, maybe some slower-paced sims, the 75 Hz mode should be good enough.


The 8KX AND 8K+ I tried both had extremely readable small text in the Aerofly demo. There was some text inside the cockpit to my left and I was amazed at how well that was readable. And then I tried the 8K+ and it was exactly as easy to read! That convinced me of the quality of the 8K+ too.


Same screens so everything should be the same.

Yeah me too, I think you refer to the stiker on the top left of this picture;

I think it was better on the 8KX though, but not by far


Do you know if the 8k+/8kx panels support HDR?

Many movies are 24 fps, so 72 Hz is a good choice for watching them. I’ve played Elite D at 72 Hz and it was fine, so 75 Hz should be OK for similar games that don’t require fast head movements.

Ha yes, that was it. It looked very smooth and it was pretty small text


Yes, I was really impressed by the readability of this text.
Yesterday I installed this simulator and the Cessna at home to try it with my 5K+ and 2080ti. It wasn’t even close.
What surprised me though was that apparently this simulator requires parallel projections to be activated, if it’s true we didn’t see the 8KX at his full potential


Interesting, I was about to check that same scene with my 5K+ too yesterday (sold my 8K).
But the game was a bit expensive for me just to do a check