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Hello Pimaxians,

I’m Ethan from the Pimax product department. I’m glad to come here to communicate with you. Please leave a message below if you have any thoughts on the current product.

Your Pimax Team


Hi. Please add native OpenXR directily into Pitool for existing HMD´s, 5k, 8k, 8kx. :+1:
Thank you :slight_smile:


The cable included with the 8KX is just not good enough. I’ve experienced 3 cable failures now (all 3 cables I’ve had from you) all in the space of a few months. The fiber optic cable should come with the 8KX automatically and not be an additional purchase.

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Hi, I just want to buy the handtracking module but it seems drivers outdated and not usable as it supose to be, please check it out.

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if you had done it open source 3-4 years ago, pimax and the software development would be 10 years further.


I would like to be able to buy the Pimax Crystal headset only. Since I already have controllers (which I do not use for flight simming) and a lighthouse, I would have an extra set of controllers just laying around.

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Those are different controllers. Crystal controllers are inside-out tracking, like Quest 2. So you can use them anywhere you want. They are no longer limited to your light house only.

Hi @philpw99 ,
Maybe so. However I do not use any controller at all. I prefer to use my joystick/yoke for all my flight simulation games. Simply have no use for them.

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I think the ask here would be for the Pimax Crystal and 12K to be available as base packages with the basestation tracking sleeve rather than the inside out tracking sleeve and no inside out controllers.

This would make a lot of sense for customers who currently have 8KX, Index, etc since probably most of them will not want to downgrade to inside out tracking.

Also since standalone capability is being delayed, that would seem to strengthen the argument for basestation tracking based packages further.


Fiber Optic Cable standard purchase with all Headsets.

**Tired of SteamVR give me a choice of runtimes. Highly Recommend OpenXR runtime. **

OpenXR Toolkkit added to PiMax Client as an option.

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I was under the impression this would be the case. Pimax has sold a lot of it’s customers base stations. Why wouldn’t they offer just the hmd and lighthouse module. We and all the Index owners they might attract aren’t looking to buy a second set of bases and controllers. It only makes sense as a bundle.
I certainly wouldn’t be looking for a full kit.

Hi BrziJoe, thanks for telling us. We have collected your suggestions.

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Hi tykey6. I’m sorry to bring you a bad experience due to the quality of the cable. We have documented this issue.

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Hi, grzvs. Did you download the hand-tracking driver on the Pimax downloads page?

General advice: don’t try to stuff all fancy new concepts in VR into your new product announcements and risk to end up with a delayed & half-baken product which doesn’t offer all the advertised capabilities and even for those which it supposingly offers will have some with limited value due to flaws & bugs.

Rather focus on your unique selling point, i.e. ultra-wide FoV and release polished & affordable versions of such, e.g. an 8KX Mark II for 700-800$ which truly is plug & play. Doesn’t need to offer stand-alone, have eye-tracking, 10K resolution, etc. as gamers will not need that (yet). Stand-alone actually adds a lot of cost and weight for a headset which will likely be used 98% in connection with a powerful PC to drive the enormous resolution, even if it is only that of the 8KX.

The trade-offs required to allow for the addition of stand-alone use imho don’t make sense for the 12K.

If this is in truth needed anyhow to allow for the gigantic resolution to be utilized even in tethered PC VR use due to bandwidth issues with the current tethered transmission options, then going for this kind of resolution was simply premature and not a good decision.


As @Axacuatl wrote.
Personally, i would prefer a 12k light. Only the optical part with Lighthouse.
No standalone, no wifi, no facetrack, simple headstrap. Cameras for AR might still be good, but not mandatory. That would certainly be a viable solution for Sims users who already have the necessary peripherals.


Vertical FOV setting, same as now (Large Normal Small Potato) but in vertical axis.
This would be really good option for simracing, where horizontal FOV is much more important than vertical. In RL helmets have very limited vertical FOV



  • As a user (consumer) I would like to be able to use the hardware independently from the store software to be able to use the hardware without any account. Acceptance criteria: no account required for usage of bought hardware, no forced internet connection required to run the hardware, even not for initial install (offline installer), to be able to use it without current or further upcoming restrictions like kill switches or forced online connection.
  • Proposals in addition to: You may think about a kiosk mode with demos, may be helpful for marketing and sales), You may think about parental controls, my lowest priority though.


  • Think about the earphones, even as upgrade. As a user (consumer) i want to get a good immersion both with optics and wide FoV (thanks PIMAX!) and good audio (?). Acceptance criteria: enough power for the audio drivers (provide bigger ones) to have sufficient bass and heights for 3D sound effects in a more immersive way, over ear or with little distance. Remark: I still use the Vive deluxe headstrap with adapters…
  • Prescription lenses solution (or at least support) for users like me wearing glasses.
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Thank you very much for your feedback. The user experience is our priority, not only the software but also the hardware. I have recorded your suggestions and will discuss and evaluate them with the team. Thanks again for your comments on Pimax.

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