Any Arma 3 fan out there?

I am trying to run Arma 3 with pimax, but I can not figure out how to make it work. Anyone knows what should I do?

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Using MyDream Swift is the easiest way.

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Here i am!

Never found a easy way to make work ArmA with VR…

Will try My Dream Swift!

Thanks for the hint … I will try it today!

Just tried My Dream Swift … it looks it may work, but I have this error message: “Couldn’t find compatible hardware - Oculus DK2/CV1 or HTC Vive” … what can I do?

I’ve just tried it with ARMA 2 and although it starts ok, I can’t get my XBox 360 controller to work.
It’s in the options/control menu but it doesn’t seem to work correctly.
Any hints would be appreciated.