Any 8k owner can share video of the game which has most clarity?

May I decide to get 8k for replacement (dead pixel) because the black dot of 5k+.

If you has any game which has the most clarity, please share.

It will better if you shoot 4k video and share the raw file. I ever shoot dead pixel by photo, video can shoot more detail for my mobile.

The most game which I like are gunheart and lucky tale.

thank you.

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Hi Bubble. Do you play Gunheart with the Vive controllers? What do you have your controller settings set to. Im having all kinds of trouble moving around with those damn vive controllers. thanks for the reply

I have the same issue too, not walk easily and I have to use warping instead sometimes.

The turning and jumping are very consued, but I just only play to see some monster in the end of scene 1 only.

Im thinking there’s got to be a better way. In my opinion it makes the game “unplayable” . Really need a joystick. Im guessing the only controllers that are easily compatible with Pimax 8K/5K+ are the Vives besides the Pimax controller. At least theres an option for joysticks on the Pimax controllers. pimax%20controllers%20and%20lighthouses

Yes, I also choose joystick version for easier walking, it is very useful when I play game by mixed reality controller.

If you try to play Lucky tale, you will found that trackpad is not good enough to play it and I have to play by xbox controller instead.

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I have no raw video about it but I can tell you “In Death” have very nice clarity on the 8k :+1::+1: