ANTVR ‘MIX’ 96º FOV AR Steam VR headset on Kickstarter in May

Article from Road To VR:

AntVR is launching their Mix AR headset in May via a Kickstarter campaign. With the price tag of $500, the Mix AR headset is said to boast a 96-degree field of view, two 1200 x 1200 displays with a 90Hz refresh rate. Inside-out head tracking offers six degrees of freedom.

AntVR is promising to ship to backers “by the end of 2018.” The company also published a video showing the headset ‘in action’ as it was filmed through its lenses with an iPhone X.


That video makes it seem like the display has a major issue with halo effects.

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Many think pimax is a shed startup and will never pull the 8K off. Pimax did however make the semi functional 4K.
AntVR on the other hand - their track record makes me steer clear from that kickstarter. That being said I hope they succeed and pull it off.

I am a backer of this project but it is encountering a big slow down in delivering /producing the device . Hopefully it will deliver what I backed

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Hey Marco

I’m sure you might have heard Hardlight vest has opensource happening. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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Yes but i am too ignorant to understand how that can help removing dust from that vest that I was forced to shelve because almost useless :frowning:

Have to wait & see what comes of it. But opensourcing the driver may help to have it usuable in future. As there are other manufacturers creating haptic vests it may ensure your hardlight vest is kept relevant. I haven’t read much on it as of yet to see…

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