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It might have occurred that I am a bit flustered seeing the title to this post. Back in October 2019 (over a year ago) customers (including myself) pre-ordered the MAS or DMAS. We were told shortly after that if we did not own/purchased a Vision model HMD (8K+, 8KX) we would have to send in a ticket stating we will need the KDMAS instead, as the now SMAS and DMAS will not work on the Non-Vision models. Here we are over a year later and I have not seen a single word about when pre-order customers are going to receive their KDMAS even though they are shipping. Including yesterday’s update….nothing about pre-order customers.

This personally is the SEVENTH TIME I have created a post/written a direct email to Pimax officials and I have been COMPLETELY IGNORED every single time. No response at all. I have read post by other customers asking the same question, and just like me they are ignored. Is this what your company does? Act like you don’t know what is going on/stay silent and hopefully it will go away? Your company has taken hundreds, if not thousands of dollars from pre-order customers and thus far have provided absolutely no information on when we will received the product.

So as the above stated………for the seventh time……………when are the customers that pre-ordered the MAS back in October 2019, and due to owning an older model HMD, sent in the ticket requesting the change to the KDMAS (that Pimax requested us do) going to received their head strap?

It’s a shame and downright pathetic that your company simply will not respond to anyone that has asked this question.


if your a backer you get the kdmas in the backer box. Your just wrong when you say the smas doesnt work with non vision models. You were never going to get the KDMAS you were suppose to get the SMAS which is the base version, unless you were a backer. The KDMAS was an upgraded version for backers, thats why its in the backer box. DMAS is the high end option for the vision series.

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I am sorry, but I am not wrong. The official Pimax released documentation below shows that the SMAS and the DMAS will not work on the older non vision models (see below image). This is due to the speaker impedance of the SMAS and DMAS not working properly with the older models. There are tons of post if this forum talking about it.

I have emails in my Gmail account, and emails to and from Pimax employees in this forum account explaining that my 5K+ will not work with the SMAS or the DMAS, that I had to submit a ticket to Pimax stating I own a 5K+. Thus my MAS pre-order would have to be changed to the KDMAS. The KDMAS coming in the backer box was part of the stretch goals.

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wait so we have to write a ticket that we want the KDMAS not the DMAS ? Pimax 5k + DMAS preorder here.

I am not sure about the DMAS but for sure the SMAS pre-orders.

To answer your question…….This was posted by PimaxQuorra in the July 23rd, 2020 Weekly Update Q&A:

Is Pimax going to ship the KDMAS to customers who ordered SMAS from the website, to be used with their 5K+, 8K and 5K XR headsets?
Answer : Yes. If you ordered the SMAS, and you own any of these 3 headsets, please submit a ticket to us. In order for our support team to be able to change your order from SMAS to KDMAS, you will need to include headset model name and serial number in your ticket.

So this is PROOF that Pimax is supposed to be sending SMAS pre-order customers the KDMAS for their older style HMDs, but for some reason they refuse to acknowledge any request of when it they are shipping.

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I believe this was the plan until Pimax realized that SMAS would not work with “non-Vision” headset and came up with KDMAS. The rest is already documented by @Hudnutz.

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Interesting, I have only black headsets and I have a SMAS preordered, I asked about this in a ticket.


If you didn’t receive any response from the email, we suggest you to submit a ticket at the helpdesk, and provide the ticket number to us, we will urge them to resolve the issue.



I got an official update!!!

So for anyone that wants to know I was sent a PM from Pimax that stated due to their responsibility to fulfill all the stretch goals/backer boxes first, pre-order customer KDMAS head straps will start shipping on December 15th 2020. I am keeping my finger crossed this holds up.

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December 15th in Pimax Time means like February , March 2021 for us :slight_smile:


Yep after Christmas you run into Chinese NY.
Would be better off just ordering a Vive Das from Amazon and hinge adapters from Thingiverse. Better audio and fit imo and you might get it this year.

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