Another Youtuber with a pimax we dont know about?

who is this guy?

as far as i know only sweviver, Mrtv and voodooDE were youtubers with access to M2

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He’s another backer.

He backed the NOLO CV1 as well. Did quiet a few videos on different games.

All you get are mostly gameplay videos, not that many tips or tutorials from what I can remember.

He’s (edit) Korean apparently, so that is why he has got his Pimax already, he got the NOLO really quickly as well whist the rest of us had to wait 2-3 months for delivery.

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VR maniac is a Korean VR enthousiast site. On VRmaniac many Korean Pimax backers are gathered. They are ordering the Pimax HMDs in 1 batch and distribute it from there to all the individual backers. There are some Korean backers active on this forum too, but they keep mostly to themselves.


We already know about this.

I ever get answer than vr maniac is not tester and get v5 to test, not sure why get M2 while other don’t (but no problem for me).

In the forum, he is @park

I just see that tom hardware just get RTX and 5k+ too (No M2).

We did not try to be part of the tester, So we were not testers.
But now we have an official contract with pimax as a tester.


Can you test about this distortion issues?


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yep, 5k+ will arrive soon and we will try various tests.


This issues caused on the 8k only, no problem on 5k+. But that okay, may you have to compare them.

I just checked, but I could not recognize the distortion at all.
I’ll have another person check it out.


When you get the 5k+, please tell us what do you prefer between 5k+ and 8k, thanks.


yeah thats the other reality i was thinking about. Pimax said they hope to ship all backer units by dec. but i think we are getting our hopes up that we will be paying by Christmas.

from china when i order aliexpress it can take months.

heres hoping they plan to ship better than regular china post.

If they give us the choice id gladly pay express shipping

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I have ordered LCD screens from China and they arrived in less than a week. Seattle area delivery. Actually got them in only like 4-5 days. It is possible, I just depends on how competent those taking your order and processing it are.

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im in canada so maybe thats why. also it depends on the seller. So we might be ok.

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glad I could pull him out of the shadows. We need more opinions than just the same 2 guys. Who may or may not be heavily biased.


I hope they have a few drop-shipping warehouses. At the minimum US, Germany, Japan, which woudl cover Canada and US (sort of), EU, and Japan, their biggest 5 country backers. If they have more than that, I hope they add Canada (cause we pay for stuff sent from the US), and Australia, which would cover 6 biggest countries really well.

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A lot as said though depends on how quick the company picks & packages your order. I too am in :canada: & have had items ship to me a different amount of time to receive after ordering.

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xunshu already confirmed that they will ship from warehouses in the EU, Australia and Asia. I am pretty sure they will do the same in Amerika since a big lot of backers are located in the US.

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For a kickstarter with a small crew, you don’t own warehouses yet. You only make use of an umbrella corp which facilitates the use of said warehouses.

To see in which country they will have some warehousing, you can check the bottom of this website: OFILM