Another sound issue. Sound gone

HMD sound worked before, yes, sometimes it got lost, but by setting it back to 5.1 in Win / “Sound” it worked.
Now HMD sound is gone

I got 2 Pimax P2NA devices in Win “Sound”, one “not connected” and one “standard device”. Now I configure “standard device”. Set to “Stereo”, do a “test” “error playing test tone” (or similar, as I am using a german Windows). Switching to “5.1 Surround”, do a “Test” and “This format isn’t supported by the device”.

Audio source in SteamVR is set to HMD.

Needless to say that I went through the whole config and did the test again, did several reboots etc. Same outcome for a week or so.

Is this an 8kX serial 2076?

Yes, serial begins with 2076.

I deinstalled all Pimax software, however the 2x Pimax sound devices (one active, one not connected) remained in Sound setting. So I regedited all “Pimax” entries out of the registry till I lost interest (after 10 entries or so). Then I reinstalled. Same problem, 2x Pimax P2NA, one active, one not connected. The active responds with the usual wrong behaviour.
Apart from that the HMD runs fine.

It’s running on Win 10 Pro 19044.1889

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There is pist around here the 2076 8kX has a weird configuration requirement to set the sound output to 5.1/7.1.

Here is a link

Thanks for your effort. However I already tried this (7.1)too and it did not work. A week or so ago setting Sounds to 5.1 did work. Now “not supported by device” on all settings above Stereo. And Stereo… yes, but the test tone fails to work (“test tone cant be played”).

Pimax support picked up the issue.

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You mean you filed a ticket? If so @PimaxQuorra can likely look into your ticket.

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