Another 8kx noob first impressions review

(Edited to include impressions of upscaling mode)
Just bought an 8Kx.
Previously owned the Pimax 4k, and the Pimax 8k.
I have a semi decent pc, AMD ryzen 3700x, RTX 2080ti, 48 gig of memory, a couple of ssds.
Currently running pitool 263.

Build Quality:
So much better than the 8k, but that is a low, low hurdle to clear (glares at cracks on 8k case).
It seems to be heavier than the 8k but the better head strap helps mitigate that.
I will need to fiddle a bit with the head strap, and perhaps add some sort of counter weight to get it closer to perfect for me.
But for the first few hours it has been pretty comfortable.
The rubber case protector included seems like a good idea, but it is not as aesthetically pleasing as the headset is on its own, in my opinion.

Very, very good.
I was always quite aware of the screen door on the 4k and the 8k, though neither were terrible. It was just I could see the effect easily on light areas like text.
I have good close up vision so I can still see the pixels in the 8kx on non-moving text, but only just.
It is like putting my face closer than 6 inches to my 4k tv, the pixels are there, but only really noticeable when a flat white area is displayed.
I would imagine most people would be barely aware of any SDE with the 8kx, especially when playing a game as opposed to staring at a still image in order to nitpick.
But the greater resolution and smaller pixel size enhances the crispness and clarity of the images enormously.
It is beautiful.
I have just been staring at geometry and textures in games in a way I have not in quite some time.
Objects close to our point of view, and those further away all benefit from this added detail.
Trees and plants and things on the horizon now look crisp and clear in No Man’s Sky, in a way I’ve never been able to get in VR previously without a slide-show framerate.
The higher quality models and textures I’ve modded into SkyrimVR look really good for a game which is over 400 years old now.
And Project Cars 2 really looks crisp and clean.
Bear in mind I have turned down the supersampling in Pitool, as my 8k settings were barely playable on the 8kx.
But you don’t need to crank up the supersampling to get a crisp clear image if it is already 4k.
(Of course once I get a better graphics card I probably will crank it up anyway, as with the old 8k settings it was remarkably good, but the framerate was sub-optimal, even by my somewhat low standards).
And any text in games or the FPSVR overlay look clear and clean in ways I have not previously seen.

I’ve played a few minutes of some 3d movies, all of which look better than previously, but now I want higher resolution than 1080p in 3d films. There is just no pleasing some people.

There is the distortion in the far reaches of the lenses, and if you turn your eyes to that and stare at it, it is noticeable.
But is in the peripheral vision for the most part, and nobody in their right mind is going to keep their head facing forward while forcing their eyes to the maximum left or right in order to stare at something off to one side for any length of time.
And unless I do that, for me it is barely noticeable.
But other people seem to find it more noticeable and irritating.
It seems barely there at all in normal FOV, which is a mere 140 degrees horizontal.

Upscaling Mode
Today I’ve tried the upscaling mode and it is good, actually better than I was expecting.
There is a trade off of resolution and image quality for frame rate, so depending on where your priorities lie, you might pick upscaling or the 4k native.
The image quality was better than the 8k, but there was a bit of the softness that upscaling a lower resolution image can bring, (unless you use DLSS 2.0. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it in action it is close to unbelievable how good it is. I sorely wish a few VR games could/would use it).
Running Pcars2 was very nice in the upscaled mode. Because of my taste for graphical fancyness, I couldn’t hit 118 fps, but was on a solid 59fps with a better image than I had on my 8k.

And this might be something to convince people it is worthwhile getting the 8kx.
They somehow give us a much better image (better resolution, so it is sharper and clearer, with almost no Screen door), at much better frame rates, particularly in the upscaled mode.
But even in the native 4k mode, the image was much, much better, and the framerates about the same as the 8k, sometimes better.
So you can have a much better image and about a 50-80% better framerate in upscaled mode, or a hugely improved image at about the same framerates in native 4k mode.
All this relative to the 8k, of course. Some of the other models (5k, 5k+, 8k+) look to have a less noticeable SDE than the 8k, so the jump in image quality wont be quite as high as I experienced it.

All in all, it is a visual feast, a treat.
Is it worth the money?
If you have the money to spare, I think yes, definitely.
But if you have 5k, 8k, or one of the other models and money is a bit tighter, it may feel like a luxury rather than a necessity.
Does anyone really need a 4k per eye VR headset?
Probably not. But I definitely wanted one, and am very glad to have obtained one.
I have no buyers remorse, and would very much like to add the eye tracking modules if they work well.

So yes, very happy with my new toy.


thanks for the review…great to see more happy users report in!


Thank you for taking the time to post:0)


Awesome Review Tom! I look forward to more of your thoughts as a fellow p4k 5k+ and og 8k owner.


Did you rip your own bluray 3d movies? If so are they in full sbs format? When you watch the movies the 8kx, do you feel the resolution is at 1080, or better? Do you feel the video source at 1080p was not enough to fully utilize the 8kx?

The movies are in full sbs format.
The resolution while watching them on the 8Kx feels better than 1080p, but the actual information contained in the image is not 4k, so it feels… lacking.
This is if you are watching with a very critical mindset, thinking about how when you saw the same thing in 4k on a flat screen it looked so much more detailed and better.
If I just relaxed and watched the film without worrying about resolution or detail level, I think it would be enjoyable, it was on both the 4k and 8k.
It is knowing that it could be better that is at the back of my mind, I suppose.
Bear in mind I’ve only watched a few minutes of a couple of films, using only one player (deoVR), and did not tweak or play with setting at all. It is possible other films, played with other software, with adjusted pimax settings would be more impressive.
And it was not a bad experience by any means, I was just comparing the huge jump in image quality gained by rendering games at 4k in VR to seeing upscaled 1080p video, I suppose.


Thanks for sharing the experience.

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If you don’t mind you could try this free movie: Czech VR Fetish 242 Endless Fun - Czech VR Fetish Porn Videos (NSFW, but only nudity). It is one of very few videos that actually uses the full resolution of the 8kX. Would be very interesting to hear what it looks like.

Play in DeoVR, might have to try turning off the directshow setting to get it to play smooth.

I like DeoVR but if you want to get advantage of 8kX resolution, you need to make very big screen, and in that case having it curved helps. Which DeoVR can’t do if I recall correctly. You can perhaps try Gizmo player (also free) which can do curved screen. Not sure how this would translate for 3D movie though, but to me 2D looks better on [big] curved display compared to big flat screen.

Semi decent, right, looks like I only have potato then :-).

Umm…no, thank you.
If it were smaller I might try it, but no.
I did find this though:

It is short, but does show off the 8kx in 4k 3d rather well.
Oddly, I did try an old 2d favourite of mine, Timescapes in 4k, which just didn’t look as good on the 8kx as I recalled it looking on my 4k tv. Then I replayed it on the 4k tv and it was not as good there as I recalled, either.
I suspect I am gradually being de-sensitized to the Wow! factor 4k used to have for me.
That 3d 4k Time Magician demo is still pretty impressive though.


Maybe you could try the trailer to this one then: Czech VR Fetish 247 Awesome Bum on Your Face - Czech VR Fetish Porn Videos (650MB). (Or any of the trailers to these: if you are more comfortable with that…) I mean this time it really is for science for real as it is the only video content actually made for something like a 8kX.

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Hi Tom you might find some hi res content here.

I think it might be Skybox? That has 4k content.

that youtube video is only 2160p and full 360 which is blurry even on a gearvr. the porn the guy was trying to get you to test is 3840p and only 180 degree. the latter gives you the very high pixels per degree fidelity and that is what he’s trying to get you to test.


It is not blurry on my 8kx.
The gearVR looks like it holds a mobile phone, so I’m not surprised high definition video looks blurry on it.
2160p is the same thing as 3840p is.
The image is 3840 by 2160.
Lots of people get confused by that.

But thanks anyway.

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I think he wants you to try a 7680x3840 video

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per oysta, 3840p is not the same as 2160p they are not confusing horizontal and vertical resolution, its vertical to vertical. i think maybe you were spooked by the naked lady and clicked off the page before you understood it.

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