And the Backer Tracker is screwed up again

I’ll say it again: whoever owns that needs to LOCK IT DOWN!!! It’s freaking USELESS unless you do!! Designate a couple of people to populate it based on posts.
How many times does the info need to be deleted before that message gets thru?

Thanks for trying but you’re incorrectly assuming that everyone is a nice person and you don’t seem to get the point that there are people with a lot of money invested who want Pimax to fail. This is not just some random idiots and it’s not an issue that will just “go away”!

PLEASE lock it down?

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Or just revert it when it’s screwed up, it’s no big deal, it’s not something super serious.


Every time it gets screwed up, we lose more posters. They take one look at it and move on. So not only is the existing info screwed up, we lose info that would have gotten there if there was a reliable way of doing it.

To be honest, it’s not that big of a deal, it’s just really irritating.

It’s not really needed anyway, so who cares?
That always fixes everything, lol.

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I made some updates to both my pledges a few days ago. I just checked and the updates had been erased. I did update again today

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I’ve just fixed my data entry.

If that guy that is doing this is among this community and reading this, i must say this to you “You are god damn retard”. Either you’re a stupid peasant of HTC/Oculus fanboi or…you’re just stupid.

If someone else’s free work isn’t good enough for you, abuse them. That’ll sort em. How dare they?

Or do it yourself.

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Or he can lock it down and give a bunch of us the “keys” and let us do the work for him. It’s not as if there isn’t a problem with it or that there aren’t enough volunteers to do the work for him.

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True there have been volunteers helping including yourself. Good work.
Agreed it does have obvious faults and I think what you’re saying about volunteers gate keeping it is a good idea.
I just find it inappropriate to abuse someone who volunteered free work when that work isn’t up to someone else’s standard. The appropriate response is to bring it up to the standards wanted yourself.
Which is what you’re suggesting with volunteers.

Incidentally I have never filled out my details as I’m a late backer with no info to add that would help anyone yet. Once I get anything useful to fill in there I was planning to. I got my choice email the same day every late backer did and there was plenty of discussion that everyone had there email that day (except a few unfortunates) so no new info to add there.

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