And again a new vr headset is coming with a great resolution and face tracking

Here is some info.


There’s no information on the field of view, and the resolution for each eye is less than the promax 8KX or the reverb G2. Still it looks interesting and if the field of view is better than the G2’s, and perhaps close to the 8KX, it would certainly be worth looking at. I’m not sure how they can achieve that at a price point under 500 bucks. But I’ll be watching with interest.


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It will be interesting to see more details for sure.

As for Res they can do some nifty things with mirrors to improve picture quality. As for FoV it would be interesting if they make there optics based on wearality sky lenses which had a reported 150 wide fov without canting.

it’s 2 x 2k so not huge fov but the resolution should be pretty nice for what it is.


Tyriel covered this

says its sketchy, then again they said Pimax was sketchy. …

…they were right.


Current info suggests good Res but likely small FoV as G1 and G2 as it seems to be using at least similar panels at 2160×2160. Wireless will be an addon. It will be interesting to see what comes of this as it maybe the key competition to the Reverb G2.


Yeah I read this earlier, thought it was strange / suspicious that there’s almost zero track record for any of his previous businesses, and certainly nothing VR. Found a few browser games and that’s about it.

Not to say that this isn’t real, but I’d like to see some evidence it’s really a viable thing and they know what they’re doing.


It’s just one of those things not to pre-order and see how well it rolls out.


On their Twitter they have a few videos.
On this one we clearly see the lenses, FoV is probably narrow but Lenses seems ashperical to me.

But also on twitter there in a banner with Fresnel ones.
Anyway the FoV will be “standard”.


Apparently they claim to have worked with valve at some point. And some one got it on record from valve themselves saying it’s true.


Funny I read about that earlier, Valve said they did not help with the design, but with SteamVR integration as they do with any SteamVR headset. So in the same way that HTC or Pimax have worked with Valve.

Which is fine, it’s not untrue, just a bit of ‘extra promotion’ :wink:


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