Amimon Wireless VR

Here is another partner suggestion for the wireless adapter.

SUPPORTING 4K30, 3K60, 2K90 OR 1080P120 RESOLUTIONS Amimon continues to bring innovation to the market with its third generation baseband chipset for the VR/AR applications. The AMN2130 baseband transmitter and its counterpart the AMN2230 baseband receiver bring new capabilities to the wireless world. With its ability to process and send 300 million pixels per second, with still less than 1mS latency, it proves again Amimons technological superiority in transmitting video. This chipset supports 2K resolution at 90 frame-per-second (2160X1200@90Hz) as required by the commercial VR systems currently on the market (Oculus & Vive) and opens the opportunity for VR goggle manufacturers to design a completely mobile wireless goggle with a clear roadmap for future versions.


Good post however there current offerring only supports 4k@30hz.

Iā€™m sure they are already working on their nextgen version. :smirk::+1::sparkles: