AMD 6000 GPU series discussion

I will be getting the AMD over the new RTX 3090. they both trade blows at a lower price and less watt, 300!!!

How well optimized is Pitools with AMD GPU’s?


I’m leaning to AMD too, the rtx 3080 10gb memory is not enough and 20gb is of the table.
Is pimax putting effort in optimizing with AMD? Will smartsmoothing work etc…


Good question. Id like to know if there is any issues with AMD GPUs with the Pimax


They didnt show vr benchmarks :wink:

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It’s finally here…this is the Radeon chip I was anticipating to you in this forum more than one year ago, and that I was aware of its development, having direct knowing of the direction the AMD engineering team is following.

Radeon now wins over Nvidia on ALL fronts, especially if coupled with a Ryzen 5x00 series CPU and 500 series chipset, offering more performance per watt than even Nvidia recent offerings, or at least on par or very close, coupled with less power consumption and many latency optimization features at lower prices compared to it’s competition…and a record clock speed for graphics cards.

Now let’s just hope and expect that Pimax seriously optimizes and takes advantage of these incredible chips, and just don’t rest and stay dependant on Nvidia features to power it’s VR line…as I expect many will be moving to AMD very soon :slight_smile:


Only 350W so possible overclocking too


wow, I may end up getting this card. Insane


Wait a gawddayum minute!

Go to for instance and have a look at their benchmarks on them games. Like the MSI 3080 and 3090 reviews for instance.

You’ll see that it’s actually the 3080 that’s on par with the 6900xt and 3080 (FE) is $300 cheaper.

3090 is of course expensive as hell but it mostly mops the floor with 6900xt.

edit: And the AMD is on “rage mode” and “smart access memory” boosts. MSI is stock.


You can’t compare the results from techpowerup directly with AMD’s results. They use different setups for testing. Also, these were reference design benchmarks. The custom cards will be faster than what AMD showed today, because they clock higher.

6900XT will be roughly on par with the 3090.


just remember that this is in rage mode with smart access memory on, so needing a 5000 series CPU and probably an 500 series MB to get those last 10% vs a stock 3090.

It’s still probably a better buy than the 3090, almost anything is. But since the 6800xt is almost the same just cheaper and with enough memory for VR I would probably go for that just like i’d have chosen the 3080 over the 3090 if it wasn’t stuck with the 10gb vram.


There is only one graph on Rage mode and it was for the 6800XT. all others are not

Ill get the 6900xt over the 3090. The form factor will allow it fit my computer case unlike the 3090


You can’t compare the results from AMD either.
But 3080 FE overclocked might still be comparable.

They ALL are on rage mode.

edit: look closer at the picture

look at the image in the op, it’s a 6900xt vs 3090 graph and says both Rage mode and smart access memory. I’d like to see 3rd party benchies before final judgement.


Only one that I can tell are in rage mode.

Edit yes they seem in Rage mode

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Super interesting cards! According to the specs on the homepage it is DP 1.4 still and it’s not specified whether HDMI is 2.0 or 2.1?
Edit: Found it, it’s HMDI 2.1 - everything else would have been odd for 2020. It even seems to have an extra USB C port for VR…:
" HDMI® 2.1 VRR

AMD Radeon™ 6000 Series graphics cards expand tear-free gaming experiences to all HDMI 2.1 enabled displays. Get the bandwidth needed to power up to 8K HDR experiences.

USB Type-C®

Power head-mounted displays with just one cable for a modern VR experience."

At least according to AMD’s slides the impact of the rage mode (=slight power budget increase*) doesn’t seem to be too high, the effect of direct memory seems to be higher.
(Edit: learned it’s no overclocking, just usual boosting making use of a slightly higher power budget)

Will be interesting to see independent benchmarks, if the cards are available in quantities then I think a number of people (including me) will start to think…

Scores above with smart memory access, scores below with SMA and Rage…


I don’t trust AMD’s claims here. Some things to observe:

  1. Rage Mode is enabled meaning maximum overclocking is being done.
  2. Smart memory access requires an AMD 5000 series CPU, so not a fair comparison in terms of raw performance.
  3. It performs slightly better, slightly worse, or tied in some games even with 1 and 2 enabled.
  4. This is 4K performance and we know Smart Memory Access is optimized for high resolutions. How would it perform at 1440p? My guess is 3090 does better.
  5. We don’t know which RTX 3090 they tested against and did they use stock mode for it? And gee I wonder why AMD didn’t show the numbers above the bar for the 3090.

Yes this card is cheaper than a 3090, but when you add $1000 RX6900 XT + new motherboard + AMD 5000 CPU, it adds up to above cost of a 3090, unless you were already planning to upgrade to a new AMD 5000 CPU with compatible motherboard.


at 1k a card and with more overhead for overclocking. sounds better than the 3090. Sure will see how the drivers support is. I just dont see a whole lot of benefit from a performance to dollar ration.

Since i am in no rush to upgrade my rig I will pay attention to the reviews. The 3090 seem underwhelming for the pricetag


If you disable SMA and Rage (e.g. because no compatible CPU is planned) then you loose out 2-13% acceleration compared to the configuration that maxes out the GPU (we’ll see how close Rage is to “maxing out”) - which is a few fps, probably hardly noticable practically. It’s still compatible with other CPUs and mainboards.


If I decide to move AMD, Ill move into the entire system, anyway. The 3090 does not fil my portable rig anyway, so the 6900XT seem better of a fit and more powerful than the 3080.

I will also pay attention to the 3080ti. I may wait till next year when Nvidia moves to 7nm. The ampere cards may gain more performance. This is fun, since I am in no hurry