Alyx Through The Lens of the 8k+

I hope you enjoy !

Did I already say the + was underrated?:grin:


Looking really good :0)


Yes it is !
I really likes my 8k+
Just like if it was the one I actually backed when I was using my 4k because the 4k actually had a better image (without the fov of course) than the og 8k.
Yeah the Pimax4k was another underrated headset lol.


I think I got a faulty 8kx, I got light leaks, crazy amount of god rays, worse than my rift s, and I can see the inside the hmd through the sides of my lenses when its on. some weird blue . I hope I can get mine looking like this

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That sucks. I’m sorry to hear that.

On my 8KX HL:A looks great. I do see occasional god rays, but only when very bright things are on black. Most of the time I don’t notice them at all. Depending on the app/game, I do sometimes see thin red or blue lines at the very outer edge of the lenses, but it doesn’t seem to be consistent and I don’t really notice them, unless I look for them.


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