All early tiers for Kat Walk C disappeared within 6 minutes and shipping cost is bull!

I came on 1 minute after the kickstarter campaign went live and already the first tier was gone and they had the $800 tier. I was ready to buy but then saw it said +800 US in shipping to Canada. This was a lie by Kat VR! $1600 US is not cheap! So I waited thinking the shipping must be an error, and nope it wasn’t corrected and now the regular tiered price is $1000 US + 1000 shipping. Clearly they screwed things up.

I aint paying that much.


it’s crap anyway its forward motion only, strafe and backpedaling is like being on a dance mat, you can do it in forward motion as well called ‘cruise control’, its basically just a dance mat in context of a game where you have to move around freely.


Y’all going for ANOTHER Kickstarter after experiencing Pimax? Kudos man.


Even though KAT positioned this one as a consumer device don’t be fooled… It was always meant as a smaller version for VR arcades and that is exactly who snatched up all of the early bird specials! Still too large and TBH I have tried all of these ODT’s and none of them… even the Infinideck feels natural. After only a few minutes of gameplay most people are too tired to continue and for me my calves start to ache really bad from the odd walking angles. Personally I would look more towards something like the WalkOVR for home use… Once you get it dialed in it actually works really well! []-)


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