Aliexpress comfort kit PU leather foam

I randomly found this on aliexpress,scm-url:1007.14452.194213.0,pvid:1986685d-eafa-4e16-9dd5-68a839577d01,tpp_buckets:668%230%23131923%2366_668%23888%233325%2315_4452%230%23194213%230_4452%233474%2316498%23728_4452%233098%239599%2397_4452%233564%2316062%23816_668%232846%238112%23552_668%232717%237560%23280_668%231000022185%231000066059%230_668%233422%2315392%23207_4976%230%23205504%236_4976%232711%237538%23523_4976%233104%239653%235_4976%234052%2318550%2311_4976%233141%239887%234&fromDetail

Could be useful, for someone like me who weren’t sent a 2nd foam.
Also the original foam started to deteriorate, the surface started to show the naked foam underneath and felt like a piece of sandpaper against my face.


The two piece top portion looks very clever/nice. This is the sort of thing we hope to see and encourage more of.


Is pimax looking at sending out the 2nd foam with the DMAS? (all 8kx gets 2 foams right?), 1 foam with nothing to swap to is slightly inconvenient. :sweat_smile:
This PU leather finish looks to be easier to wipe and clean.

I enjoyed my 8kx regardless and recently discovered my eye sight wasn’t actually enough for 8kx, put on my glasses and rediscovered how sharp 8kx is.

I have this set but haven’t tried it out yet as I’m using the VRMust one instead.

@Lucivr has a set:

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I have already put leather on top of my foam as i get (washed a few times) allergic reactions and itching all day if i use it for an hour or two. Thats after 2 weeks. First foam i’ve ever had issue with and ive done 6-10 hour sessions many times on velour or leather.

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Order quickly as supplies are limited!

(426146 pieces available)

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No. You get the thin foam, you’ll need to order the thick one. Unless it’s only the backers that get screwed with only one foam…

I wonder if these gets you closer to the lenses. I found the thinn foam too thick.

it is very soft and not as stiff as the thin original.

of all the covers i use it the most.


Looks good. That is 8KX? Curious, do you find DAS more comfortable than KDMAS?

it’s the 8kx hmd. the visor with the wide fov is the only thing that is needed. the rest with a pimax logo on it is unfortunately just junk. that is my very personal opinion.

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Could you clarify “the visor with wide FOV”? Did you modify the face interface?
Ah, you mean that HMD itself is the only good part, right?

+1 the only, but also what matters.

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