Alien: Isolation MotherVR "button spamming" problem

5k+ owner here. The game works with the HMD but for some reason “buttons” are getting spammed. For example menu is popping up all the time or the action button or character is crouching/walking. I don’t have this problem without HMD. I don’t have base stations and motion controllers.

I have tried with and without controller and also without extra monitors. Still not working like it should be. I’m using Windows 10 pro 64-bit. PiTool version is and MotherVR is 0.8.0

I also get warning from steam when I’m starting the game: “Alien: Isolation does not support VR. It will appear on your desktop and may affect VR performance”. Is this normal?

Any idea what’s creating this problem? Alien VR is unplayeable for me at the time.

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The message of VR support is normal. I think I am running the same mod version & not experiencing the issue you describe. Don’t have LHes yet either.

@spamenigma might have some ideas.

@anon74848233 please add to earlybackers.

Status update: version 0.6.0 of MotherVR works fine. No “button spamming” at all. No idea what’s wrong with 0.8.0 with me :roll_eyes: