After Reviews drop will testers be available for interrogation?

There will be questions no doubt. Do the testers have a plan moving forwards. I would imagine having one thread for tester q&a would keep all info in one place rather than many threads. Maybe a joint live stream as well?

Thoughts @VoodooDE @mixedrealityTV @SweViver ?


Given they seem to have gone without sleep to get their reviews out I think we may have to wait for that but you could prepare a thread here in readiness entitled. “All questions for reviewers here” or something like that and have people understand the thread is only for specific questions on the video reviews.


Im scheduling a live stream tomorrow most likely around 8pm


Yes, I would really suggest to give them a day or two to recover. We can establish a list of questions here and they then take the list when we have completed it rather than them being pinged every 5 minutes, with questions repeating several times because folks take to the keyboard as soon as having watched the videos…


I will do a live stream at 9pm german time, but of course that will be in german :slight_smile:
I can answer some english questions as well, but not too much, as some of my community dont understand english.
Tomorrow there will also be a live stream at perhaps the same time.
Here is the link to the live stream that will start 9pm german time (12pm PDT):


There shouldnt be so many questions after my review :wink:

No seriosuly of course u will have. Some things are just a bit surprising. That may raise questions :slight_smile:


We should do a 3 way live stream later this week :slight_smile:


will today’s reveal be posted as a youtube or live? will it be announced here or in reddit?

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“available for interrogation?” … I Like the term :wink:

Will you tell us the true and only the true so help you God?


YES, we should do so! After we slept! :slight_smile: My body has not decided yet if it is too tired and wants to sleep NOW or if it is too excited and just wants to stay awake… :slight_smile:


Ooo yeah guys you should totally team up for a livestream together!

But first, please. please get some sleep.



the easiest way will be to ask questions directly as comment on the video. I am gonna reply to them. But I will probably also do live shows at one point in time.

I have just now finished uploading both the English and German review. Both are around 30 minutes long, typical MRTV reviews. Gonna drop at 6pm CEST.



YESSSSSS, well i guess i’ll be watching one of the reviews today after all lol. even though i may be disappointed more from watching your video than sweviver’s :joy: Nah but forreal though let’s just hope all the three reviews are “generally” positive, fingers crossed!

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Haha I know the feeling Seb :joy:

My video will be an hour late or so. All 6 cores at 4.9 but still a real challenge heh…


Should of gone for threadripper :slight_smile:

Assuming whatever you use supports all 32 cores of course :smiley:


No matter what opinion I have, Im not leaving anything out in the video. You will know everything.

What Im trying to say is that my opinions are given but thats not the reason for this review. The reason is to inform you or anyone else out there. In an interesting way. I hope.

I really put my soul into this one.

So much that I actually care more about what YOU will think than how many people really are gonna watch it.


interesting, are you treating them as separate product for review purposes. will there be any comparative assessment?


I’m glad you are uploading a full review. I’m not sure 30 min @mixedrealityTV will be enough to compare games etc. Feel more like an intro to you live show :slight_smile:


Thats why have @SweViver with his crazy 3hours review. Consider @mixedrealityTV’s review more like a intro lul.


No problem. I’ll just watch MRTV’s video while I wait for yours to post.

Thanks to all of the beta testers! I really appreciate the work that you all have done.

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