Advice: Buy from Pimax or from Adorama in USA?

Given we’re ending the Pandemic now, is it best to order an 8KX from Pimax direct or a third-party like Adorama? I want it this week ideally for the weekend

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Thanks in advance



There are ready stock on Pimax official store and Adorama.

You can enjoy 10% off by placing order from our site, but you may expect the parcel arrive at 5-7 working days, because the unit is shipped from Shanghai warehouse.
We are now scheduling another batch of 8KX to US Amazon FBA warehouse.

For the Adorama, you may expect a faster delivery time, but price might be slight different from the official site.


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Having observed people’s experiences as reported on this forum, on balance I’d recommend going with a local retailer if you can.

My experience buying direct from Pimax was fine. But my unit worked out of the box, and I was happy to pay import duties even though I might not have been technically liable for them due to Pimax’s administrative errors.

Looking at other people’s experiences, I feel like I dodged a bullet. While I did not encounter any problems, for those that did it was clear that Pimax is not familiar with consumer law in jurisdictions outside China. I think it would be best for Pimax too if they concentrated on what they are good at (VR engineering) and outsourced retail to companies that specialise in that.

Don’t get me wrong: I want Pimax to succeed. But for most people an 8KX is quite a substantial purchase, and I suspect that they would be more likely to make that leap if they knew there was a consumer law safety net below.

Edit, a couple of days later: @TonytotheB 's experience as described below probably bears out what I said above. Pimax are good at hardware engineering. Other people are good at online retail and international distribution.


I think Pimax needs to update it’s website. It says US orders are fulfilled by Amazon. I have been told now it could be 5-7 days JUST TO SEND IT from China. Come on Pimax.

I will be asking to cancel my order with Pimax direct

This ordering experience is pretty bad

  1. Fulfillment by US Amazon - misleading on the website when I ordered - has to come from China
  2. They have charged my card twice - two $1.2k charges
  3. Pushy when I asked to cancel and sent the Headset anyway, well at least according to them. Not sure it’s actually left.
  4. Mentioned I won’t have to pay import duties but I need to “cooperate” with US Customs. What does that even mean? :frowning:

@Heliosurge @PimaxUSA @PimaxQuorra sorry to tag you, can you help me cancel this order please and get BOTH my charges back? I can order this Headset from Adorama with one day shipping to me in Texas. I am incredibly impatient and wanted it for this weekend.

Order: W000320210706


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Sorry for the inconvenience sir.
Will take a look at the issue, and did you try to contact with our support about the order cancelling?

Yes I had several replies from Prescilla. But I am very concerned now. Charging me twice + very delayed delivery. I want to cancel it please and ensure I get refunded. I don’t want to have to go through my credit card company

Support ticket: 17250

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Fulfilled by Amazon is not the same as Ordered through Amazon. So yes it maybe needs to be clearer as some will confuse it with things like Amazon Prime for fast quicker deliveries.

This is just using Amazon to distribute orders to say :us: without customer needing to pay import duties from my understanding.

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Ships from China to Amazon Then to Customer. Depending on Stock levels at Amazon might be quick.

This may happen but should be rare and imho unacceptable and fixed up within a very short time at Discovery. Watch to ensure full amount is refunded.

Sounds like it is not shipping through Amazon fulfillment as there should be no need to co operate with :us: customs.

@Claire and @hammerhead_gal should be able to hopefully assist getting this done with Pimaxquorra. Hopefully they can get this expedited so you can re order through Adorama.


Sincerely sorry for the trouble caused to you, because there is no 8KX (SMAS) inventory in the overseas warehouse of the United States, so we plan to ship your order from China. CS have submitted the refund for you, I will tell the financial team to handle it asap.please don’t worry.

Thank you Claire and I hope to receive the refund soon. Sorry to be a pain. I wanted it quickly and wanted to be able to send it back locally if I encountered any issues. I want an upgrade from my Pimax 5K+.

Well, thank you for your support~ :blush:

I wish I had been more patient to read your response before ordering.

In the end I didn’t even get a Pimax for the weekend. And now I am hoping that the refund clears and the phantom “processing” charge from Pimax drops off my balance

Wish me luck


Well I hope you get an 8KX eventually. It is an impressive unit.


@Claire - I have three charges. One is a charge that has been processed. Then I have two: one processing and one refund. Can you make sure the processing charge doesn’t complete please? Otherwise you will have taken 1.1k off me

I’ll also forgive you taking 30 cents off me lol



The refund of $1169 for your order has been completed. I’m sorry for the $0.3 service charge deducted when the refund was made through PayPal. If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us through Support. :blush:

Can you explain why there are two charges for $1169? I will create a support ticket also

I have checked your order and found that there is only one payment of $1169. Do you show that there are two successful payments? I will inform CS to help you check the details.

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From your local shop for sure. Avoid the Pimax store if it could be helped.
For example;

  1. Ordered the KDMAS module to try out on May 24th, took more than a month to arrive. Never was given a tracking number.
  2. Ordered a replacement of the textile/frame assy via support on the same day as the KDMAS module since the one on my 8K X started to peel off, is still on warranty but they said to pay so whatever, and still not here at this date. Checked the support ticket and they are asking for me to confirm my address… Why… you sent the KDMAS unit to me already!

As I see it, nobody who has jurisdiction is looking over the support and/or logistics of the Pimax store. If your local Amazon has stocks of what you ordered, it might come soon enough, but if not, there is a good chance that it’ll take it’s sweet time or a lot lot more.

I’ve ordered 8 times from Pimax directly including the repair parts mentioned above, but there was only one time the product was shipped/arrived promptly and that was the eye-tracking module. Not to mention the longest it took was like a little shy of 2 years for the silicon sleeves.
I thought it might have improved since then, but was proven wrong again.

So always order local if it can be helped.