Advanced user manual for Andy pettitte's vr headset 小派vr头盔高级使用手册2020.4.25

Advanced user manual for Andy pettitte’s vr headset 2020.4.25
First, reduce the whiteness of dark scenes and adjust the contrast and brightness
1, only choose 1 for contrast, -3-2-1 for brightness, or -1 for brightness if it’s too black. Select the right application and restart the helmet

Two, the picture does not overlap, display abnormal, need to open parallel projection

  1. Check “compatible with parallel projection”, adjust and select a small Angle of view, and restart the helmet
  2. Pay attention to the parallel projection of the maximum Angle of view, which greatly affects the picture quality, while the small Angle of view has no effect. Do not use parallel projection normally

Three, the helmet can not identify, but the handle can identify, how to do?

  1. Hold the helmet and shake it repeatedly and sharply between the two base stations for about 15 seconds
    2, helmet lost signal during the game, you can also use this method, the game progress will not be lost
    Four, the helmet completely can not identify, the handle can not identify, how to do?
  2. Directly uninstall pitool, close 360, and reinstall pitool. Normally, it will return to normal immediately
  3. If it still doesn’t work after reloading, restart the computer and repeat step 1
    Five, the picture appears distortion, caton, even drag shadow, how to do?
  4. If the above problems occur, it means that the game is poorly optimized, or the graphics card configuration is insufficient, or the super sampling is too high. You can choose to try any of the following methods
  5. Priority should be given to reducing super sampling, and then a smaller Angle of view should be adopted to set pitool’s picture quality level lower and the refresh rate lower. Finally, pay attention to restart the helmet, otherwise the setting is invalid and some of them need to be applied
  6. Note: because pettitte’s helmet has a large viewing Angle, high resolution and high graphics card pressure, so don’t overdo it blindly. 2560x1440 is recommended for 5k helmet (the single-eye resolution is the same as that of 5k helmet)

Six, the simplest method to restart the helmet, reduce the error rate after restart

  1. Many of the above Settings need to restart the helmet, otherwise the Settings are invalid. The easiest way to restart the helmet is to click the room Settings
  2. After clicking the room setting, the helmet will be forced to restart, and then the room setting will be turned off immediately

    Seven, improve pettitte’s resolution, especially for 8k players
    Steam locks the upper resolution 4k, you need to open the path C:\Program Files (x86)\ steam \steamapps\common\SteamVR\resources\ Settings \default. Vrsettings
    Use your notepad to open default.vrsettings, then maxRecommendedResolution": 4096, amend this 4096 to 8192, then save the text
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小派vr头盔高级使用手册 2020.4.25
1,对比度只选1,亮度-3 -2 -1都行,太黑就亮度-1,选好点应用,重启头盔
2,oled的小派5k xr有黑色等级选项,可进一步减少泛白情况,lcd的小派没有




3,注意:因为小派头盔视角大、分辨率高、显卡压力大,所以不要瞎拉超采,5k头盔 推荐2560x1440(和5k头盔的单眼分辨率一致),在此基础上酌情增加,加太多意义不大,画质提升有限,显卡压力却暴增,导致画面卡顿、掉帧


steam锁死了分辨率上限4k,你需要打开路径C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\resources\settings\default.vrsettings
用记事本打开default.vrsettings,然后将maxRecommendedResolution": 4096,这个4096修改为8192,然后保存文本

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