Additional equipment needed

Assuming we are going to get only the headset initially, what other equipment will we need to use the pimax?

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It depends on what you want to do with it.

The pimax headset supports 3dof out of box (just like gearvr etc… can turn head but not move it), so watching movies, some sim games like racing or even ED will work using other methods of control.

For 6dof (vive/rift/wmr style full movement tracking) you will need lighthouse trackers, 1 for seated, 2 for anything else. Pimax lighthouses are due to Q4 2018 all being well… so for some backers, they might arrive with or soon after HMD delivery if they ordered them, otherwise look out for htc lighthouses either direct or from the likes of eBay as a potentially cheaper option.

For controllers the pimax version is due mid 2019, so again HTC wand controllers for now otherwise its a wait for either valve knuckles or pimax version of knuckles.

Audio, a standard headset whilst waiting on pimax to create their own version of the DAS.

Finally a decent pc with so far a reccomended equivalent of gtx 1080 and above for the 5k+ and 1080ti and above for 8k


Nothing, but then it is rotational tracking only no position. Which is fine ish for seated games.

1-2 base station for positional tracking.

2 controllers for yea controllers.

Base stations and controllers can be from vive.

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Depends what you want to play. You’ll have 3 DOF (Pitch, Roll and Yaw with just the HMD so you can play sims. You can play with 1 lighthouse but you would need 2 for initial setup to. Otherwise you will need 2 lighthouses and 2 Vive wands for the full experience.

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thanks all. am currently a rift owner (so have the pc) and in top 1000 backers so basically it sounds like i need to get 2 wands and probably 2 base stations to use it for most games. looking at the crazy prices for those items when bought separately on the vive website is the best option to try to find a secondhand vive and not worry about the headset or is there somewhere else to buy?

btw am in UK

There was a point where they sold lighthouse and controller bundle for those getting the vive pro, but I can’t see that anywhere at the moment.

So might be the only current option to buy 2nd hand or new vive and try and sell the HMD only (very small market but no doubt someone somewhere broke theirs or need a 2nd one)…

do you still need 2 lighthouses to setup SteamVR ?

I think you can just pick ‘standing only’ and it work fine with 1. You just set the lighthouse channel (button on the back) for standalone mode… so set to channel A so the frequency is doubled.

Room scale is the option for setting up the boundaries and for that you would be likely using 2 lighthouses anyway.

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Do you think the Oculus touch controllers will work?

NO, it won’t work unfortunately

Both Oculus and Vive users wish there was more compatibility.

At the end of the day these are display and input peripherals. They should not be sealed in a walled garden environment. Oculus being the walled garden trying to create a Steam platform of its own. Rift users want Lighthouse and Vive users want Touch Controllers. Wish they just let it happen for the good of VR.


Good question. @deletedpimaxrep1 is aware of the problem, but I don’t recall seeing an answer stating that the problem is solved.

Aren’t the base stations starting to ship this month anyway?

We didn’t reproduce the issue.
@Sean.Huang please keep watching.

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Thanks for the reply!

what are the chances on the base stations shipping this year?

will update when we are about to ship the base stations.

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if we can have an update for the base station even an estimate it would be very nice. Because I don’t know if I have to buy a base station or wait for yours , it will depend when you will send them.


Got it. will get a better estimation for you.


Well I guess the first batch isn’t shipping this month then ?