Adam Savage's Tested: Hands-On with Meta's New VR Headset Prototypes!

We get a glimpse of what future generations of virtual reality displays from Meta could look like with a trip to Reality Labs Research, where we meet the Display Systems Research team and try on four of their prototype VR headsets that test the limits of resolution, brightness, focus shifting, and form factor. Here are our takeaways from exclusive hands-on time with these research prototypes, and an in-depth interview with Mark Zuckerberg about the future of VR display technology.

Pretty cool seeing various prototypes (new/old) at Reality Labs Research… :slight_smile:


Cool and… is Zuckerberg a robot?


That was the most human I’ve seen him.

…not sure if that means computers are advancing or if their marketing is improving lol.

Joking aside though, I really enjoyed that video. Interesting to see a look at research tech like this, I would love to try that 20k nits HDR headset in particular.

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