According to Pimax, they manufacture about 60 units a day. and we still haven't received the tracking number?

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According to the daily production numbers commented by Pimax

sponsors with very low numbers should already have our tracking number.
What happened this time?


There are multiple topics now concerning this… We all wait for an update hopefully tomorrow…


They are full of BS as usual


No, you and everyone else that keeps quoting this are either just misunderstanding or twisting this to attempt to have a rant?!

They said they are able to make that figure, as in they are geared up for it! However as they have stated, there is a parts issue due to not passing QA process and they are (or were) awaiting more parts which will “take time”.

So capable of making 60per day =/= making 60 per day!! There are multiple discussions on this… :rolling_eyes:


They have stated they are making 30-50 units per day, but they’ve also stated they’re having issues with quality control on the unit housings.

Regardless, they need to provide an update on the status of the housings, so the OP’s comment is not unreasonable.

No, they haven’t!


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With these shipping quantities…
Thinking to have all lag units shipped before Christmas seems to be very optimistic.


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They never said they were going to manufacture any headsets at all actually, and the only confirmation we have gotten are for headsets already produced.

the graph implies it will be 4+ months before production gets into the mid-level volume capabilities.

This is great! At this rate I will get mine in 2034.


Pimax are there own worst enemy here, they quoted that they are able to make 60 units per day. They didn’t say they could hit that total but they are so far off that mark it’s embarrassing.

What you’re ignoring is the extreme failure rate of 57 units out of 60 units. Currently to date they’ve manage to make 3 units out of a possible 60 units a day. That is embarrassing what ever way you look at it.

You need to start selling your rose tinted glasses, you could make a fortune! :smiley:


I’ve got no rose tinted glasses, I do agree things could be handled a lot better and have had my say on various things that have annoyed me.

So regardless of the poor start on shipping, my frustration is purley based at people creating topics or making comments constantly misquoting facts to further embellish their complaint agenda.

Its a simple statement, they are prepped to make that many, but are slow because of part quality. Yes this is what we’re being told, I don’t know how true it is or what other unsaid factors are playing a part but there is no point making stuff up to complain about.


I’m pretty sure if you were to ask the opening poster (or any other poster) he/she would say they didn’t expect Pimax to be able to deliver 60 fully working Units per day. Whats shocking these poster is the fact that they or so far of that target! They’re a million miles off!

They currently have a 95% failure rate of that daily target!!! :open_mouth:

How can you have a daily target when you admit to not producing any?

Why have another topic when this is being heavily discussed elsewhere?

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How can you have a daily target when you admit to not producing any?
I wish you where my boss! :smiley: Everyone wins!!

Why have another topic when this is being heavily discussed elsewhere?
I suppose the mods don’t mind these threads but that’s something you’ll have to ask them.

This mod (me) has been working all day, so I’m only now catching up on my forum reading. Generally, I only close threads for a good reason.

I don’t mind duplicate threads all that much, but if someone (especially the OP) requests that a thread should be closed I do it. If someone says a thread is a duplicate and should be closed, I’ll consider that, but ideally, they should post a link to the other thread(s), so I don’t have to hunt for them and decide what is or is not a duplicate.


I mean give that guy working in the basement some break! he’s doing his best and working overtime!


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