ACC issue after patch 1.5 with GT4 cars

So after yesterday’s update with GT4 cars I have problem with ACC, even in menu game stutter and there is some artifacts when rendering. Anyone else with pimax 5k+/8k+and smart smoothing ON experiencing this issues?
It works perfectly fine before 1.5 come out , now 144hz mode/72 normal fov GPUCatalyst 0 is unplayable. FPS are fine (the same) just stuttery when moving my head.

Can anyone test it for me as I’m not sure if this my system or game itself:) ?

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I have tested 90 hz with SM on and off , FFR on and off and it’s the same - flying artifacts in menu and jittery during race… meh that probably buggy patch or PT .261
@PimaxQuorra can someone from team look at this …

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We had forward this issue to the developer team, they will try to take a look at this and figure what to do to enhance the performance.


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